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  Tried to post before but I guess it didn't go through.   Thanks for this. I woke up at 5am to this thread and went in! Picked up quite a few pieces:   Reversible Trench Coat Highbank Down JacketHunting SweaterToggle Shawl Cardigan Gothic ""R"" Varsity Jacket" [now sold out] Cricket V-Neck SweaterFleece Hooded Varsity JacketCotton Varsity Cardigan"Large ""R"" Varsity Cardigan""Large ""R"" Varsity Cardigan"Monogram Boatneck SweaterCricket V-Neck SweaterNavy Burgundy...
Repost. See below.
Thanks for this. Just completed checkout on some nice stuff.
  This. I lost my frigging mind shopping LEC's sales last winter.
  Had this delivered yesterday morning. Great fitting jacket. Love the corduroy finish and extra strap on the collar. The website image doesn't show this, but the jacket also has side pockets. That was a very pleasant surprise. As you can see, I added scarf/hat set [in merino wool] to my order. Very pleased with my purchase:        
  Ugh! I wish I didn't run into this thread. I liked that Seiko so much with the custom band that I started doing my research. Found the model I wanted, the SNZG15J1 - different than the SNZG15 (being offered through Groupon) because it is made in Japan.   Purchased said SNZG15J1 from a Japanese retailer ($120):               and added this Hadley Roma band -  MS846 22mm Hadley-Roma Brown Oil Leather Pinhole ($29.87):           Total cost $150. Not a bad deal..but a far...
I wipe mine down with a damp cloth. Don't want to risk ruining the finish  
Where is this jacket available for sale? I didn't see it on the Boggi site. How's the fit?
Did a search and couldn't find anything on point other than this old thread.   I have two size 42 US Burberry trench coats - different styles; I guess I lost some chub because I should've gotten a 40 US. I just need the waist tucked in a bit.   I read that Burberry has an in-house tailor that will alter trenches to taste. Any insight for NYC stores? Prices? etc..   Thanks.
I have the same toggle coat (from the 2010 winter season) but my tagging is different. Doesnt mean yours is fake.. perhaps it depends on the market for which it was produced? Mine is a Burberry London that was purchased from the Burberry factory store outside of NYC. 
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