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Nice albeindc! If you had posted this last week, I would've been convinced to pull the trigger on that purple cable knit sweater. Awesome stuff you got there man. Didnt pay enough attention to accessories to realize those wallets were that nice.
Keeping the faith that something better is planned for their online
Thanks again for the link Winston. Some decent pieces on Rue...but I was able to get some of them for better prices during the Black Friday sale. Trying to hold off until I see what Rugby has to offer in clearing out their current stock.  
  Can I take a look too?
Edit: NEVERMIND. this confirmed? You've been on point in the past with sales
  Co-sign! I love it.
It's a fake sale.. sort of. Full priced items were on sale for 30% off last week. Actual sale items were 50% off. And on top of that, a 15% code could be tagged on to either sale or full price items. Looking at the prices right now, with only free shipping being the available tagged on code, it feels very much like a fake sale.   My stuff hasn't shipped either.
I only bought the sale items..but I'll likely be there when the regular priced items make their way into that "Sale" bin 
Same thing happened to me. After i made my purchase online, I wanted to confirm if the store had the reversible trench in stock..i was thinking about ordering another for my cousin. I spoke to a rep who confirmed they had it but when I mentioned I had an additional coupon code, he said there was no way to stack. I asked him if he was sure. He said he we was absolutely positive. I thanked him for his diligent service and hung up. I proceeded to use the code and stack it to...
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