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Saw this pop back up and quickly completed checked out with some other pieces.  
Sorry man. She already tucked it away lol.   However, I have to make a return journey to Woodbury this weekend. So, I'll keep a look out.
I went to Woodbury Commons in NY. ALL the Rugby pieces I got were worthwhile. I had bought the same items for $40 during the awesome Black Friday sale. Got them at the outlet for $15.   I even bought a discontinued Baseball was a size small. I figured I would pick it up for someone on these forums who wanted it. Alas, my girlfriend saw it.. tried it on..and has since confiscated it
Just came back from after-Christmas shopping at the outlets. The regular Ralph Lauren factory store is selling Rugby items for 75% off. And that doesn't include the additional coupon. So mine came to 85% off Rugby.   Edit: If you guys have an outlet close by, I think its worth it to get there just to see if they have Rugby stuff. I asked the sales associate why they were so cheap and he confirmed it was because Rugby was closing in February.
Looks like Rugby might have overplayed its hand by adding "Final Sale" to this sale. ALOT of pieces are still left and the movement is no where as close to their Black Friday sale.   Final sale is understandable given that they are closing...but I reckon people will bite [given the sizing disparity in Rugby's clothes] if discounts are much deeper than current price levels.
Just completed check out. Was going to add the student code to this thread [which stacks for 15% off].     All in all not a bad sale.   Au revoir Rugby RL.
Some decent we have any codes that stack? The FINAL SALE attached to this is making me hesitate on some pieces.  
Really happy that I snagged the pieces I did...just in case this sale didn't work out. Still holding up for a good clearance  
Not sure if there is an updated thread but I couldnt find any other PRL themed thread.   Just made some good pickups from for Polo RL. There's an emailed code that ends today: "decmen" which gets you 25% off instead of the 20% being touted on their site.   Most of their good pieces were out of stock on Friday. Went back earlier this morning to check if they reupped their RL pieces and sure...
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