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Glad to see this thread is still around. Man, I miss Rugby.
 Updated list: - Note: Google opens up a preview version of the pdf, which distorts the graphics. To see all of the items clearly - download the pdf by hitting "Ctrl+S"  or use the "File" and then "Download" function. Thanks, guys.
Hey guys,   I got quite a few responses via PM. So I went ahead and charted the list of just about everything I had. I have to update sizes but that's just to give you a run down. Its 90% of what I am looking to unload.     Here's a link:   NOTE: The link only shows a preview mode. You have to download the pdf to see the items properly. If you don't then the colors will look grainy. You can...
Guys,   In the months leading the Rugby store closure, I bought ALOT of Rugby pieces in size medium/large that are still brand new. Not looking to unload them at a substantial markup so if anyone is interested, PM me and I can send you a rough estimate of what I have. I have the polos, jackets, sweaters [lots], and loads of accessories. 
  Out of my price range too but certainly some nice pieces.   As an aside, in the next few weeks I'm hoping to put up a list of my own Rugby pieces that I will be parting with. Although not with as much markup as some of the many ebay listings.
I scored some really nice pieces...only to get hit with cancellation emails galore. Jeez.
Are you talking about the brown belted blazer? If so, do you mean loose fit as in not tailored or loose fit as in not fitting true to size?
I wish!
More markdowns: 20% code just received: "Takeoff20"
Up to 70% ...ohh Rugby... the games you play.
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