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Shalomp, junkard calls that brown calf but i think its corrected grain
Monkey boots arrived:D
Yes, i got the brush off finish.Mine are RTWs and should look exactly like the brown pair in this picture.
They offer free international shipping. I just ordered the monkey boot II a few days ago and was only charged $235 for the boots + $6 PP fees
Both pairs look great! Did you get the shell directly from clayton?
I think those are the japan exclusive 4" oxford on the c461 last The same model in clayton shell cordovan https://store.stumptownjapan.com/shop/c/c10/
Do you have plans to bring in some undyed veg tan leathers from tanneries like hermann oak or wickett & craig to add to your new lines? Thanks
Are Dry Tan and Elk Tan the same leather? A local whites dealer said that Elk Tan is the thicker variant of Dress Black/ Brown. It is 3mm or 7/8 oz thick IIRC...
Some of the options that are exclusive to the Asian market:)4" Oxford on c461 last3 to 5 tone color configuration (shown below a 5 tone SJ)
Cool! That looks like a type 2 jacket without the big back pleats.
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