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Those are not mine. Those are just a new item from a japanese dealer. I posted the pics because i think you guys would be interested to see how the oxford would look on the 38 last as most of the pics we had seen had been on the 461:)I am certain your pair are gonna look great with the double midsole. I would have ordered a pair too had i known earlier it can orderded outside of japan:D
300 oxford 9338 last sienna and black buffalo two tone double midsole mini lug half sole 419 heel
Dry tan, elk tan and dress are the same leathers. Different tanneries call them different names. Just a matter of leather weight. Dry and elk 6.5 to 7 and dress 5.5 to 6 ounces.Elk tan is steer which is lot more durable than the real elk skin.
Shalomp, junkard calls that brown calf but i think its corrected grain
Monkey boots arrived:D
Yes, i got the brush off finish.Mine are RTWs and should look exactly like the brown pair in this picture.
They offer free international shipping. I just ordered the monkey boot II a few days ago and was only charged $235 for the boots + $6 PP fees
Both pairs look great! Did you get the shell directly from clayton?
I think those are the japan exclusive 4" oxford on the c461 last The same model in clayton shell cordovan
Do you have plans to bring in some undyed veg tan leathers from tanneries like hermann oak or wickett & craig to add to your new lines? Thanks
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