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Cool! That looks like a type 2 jacket without the big back pleats.
Buckles from Brass Tokyo?
Most likely from Japan. I am interested in getting some non-shinki himeji horsehide which I think is only available within Japan. But I will need to know if craftsman clothing is willing to do CMT and how much they charge first.
Very interested in the Hollywood a2. Can I provide my own leather as I am not a fan of lamb or suede?
Looks like their black standard leather to me These are the leathers that nicks offers
My horsehide type 1 jacket at 2 months
Soundman shirt Eg 12 fw glen plaid andover Eg 12 fw glen plaid cinch vest Eg 12 fw glen plaid cinch pants Trickers
Dont think nicks makes anything close to police boots...Recommend you have a look at cove shoe co(corcoran) or the military collection from sanders...http://sanders.shop-pro.jp/?mode=cate&cbid=1372500&csid=0
Thanks b-ewing.Yes I provided the buckles as well as the HRS' and heel caps.Other details that set my pairs apart from the stock 55E renegade are the pointed strap end and the triple stitched vamp and heel counter...
Their horsehide is good. I heard they use horsestrip from horween...Whites use the same leather on bakers' HH SDs. I waited 22 weeks for my pair. I hope you will receive yours quicker!
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