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I'm looking for any wash/any season MII 19cm Diors in sizes 26 or 27.
I worn these for around 3 months at work so they don't have that much wear to them. Condition: 8/10 No stains or rips   Waist: 14.5 Front Rise: 9.5 Thigh: 10.25 Hem: 7.5   Shipping not included in price.   Now selling for $40 USD + shipping.
Any wash and any season is fine. If possible, I would like a unhemmed pair... anything hemmed below 35 inches is unwanted. Please pm me if you have a pair of 21cms in sizes 26, 27 or 28 for sale. Thank you~
  :( I see... I guess I have to cross my fingers and hope they restock on more sizes in January then. Thanks for your reply.
So... anyone know where I can find 21cm Diors in Vancouver BC?
Does anyone know where I can buy 21cm cut Diors in Vancouver Canada? I went to Leone's but they run out of sizes really quick... apparently they won't get another restock until January. 
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