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Where can I get a really nice tuxedo shirt for under $100? I wouldn't mind going custom made route. Thanks!
Hey guys, I'm about to drop some money on Clark's Desert Boot in Beeswax leather. They're going to be my first pair of boots. Is there like a Styleforum alternative? A better boot for a relatively cheap price ~$150. Thanks!
Anyone know where to buy Filson on sale? Im looking to buy a tin cloth cruiser. unless quality is going down under then I might buy a barbour
lol the nitty gritty store. i thought the female models were wearing male clothing for a second.
Nike x Undercover Collaboration   Brand new with tag in Size Small (this size sold out everywhere) For fit pics, check out  http://tres-bien.com/as-uc-softshell-jacket-black-spruce   Color is Black Spruce which is basically a really dark forest green.   I can provide more pictures upon request but I don't think my phone camera serves this jacket justice. Let me know if you have any questions! I also only accept Amazon Payments or cash of some sort since I don't...
Thanks for the advice. It really helps. Make money/retire early is stupid, totally agree. I definitely see myself wanting to give more than I get, so creating something that can truly make a positive impact on people's lives.  I've been researching a lot and I'm seeing a huge trend toward nanotechnology and materials. Especially as sustainability is becoming an increasing issue in the modern world.  So I am leaning toward materials science and engineering. Anyone have any...
dude, they sell for $30. seriously?
after a day of browsing, i only bought gyakusou softshell jacket. mildly depressing..
$35 Made to Measure Shirts beau.com   This is ridiculously cheap. I bought a shirt here before, quality is nice. 
Where to cop cozy knit for $200? 
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