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Dear all,   I'm currently in Osaka, Japan right now and I need new shoes primarily and clothing. I was hoping to buy some boots for under $200. Does anyone know of affordable Japanese brands that I should look into while I'm here in Japan that would be more expensive if I were to buy in the USA? Even better if you knew some stores here in Osaka, that would be nice. I'm still a college student so I can't quite afford $500 shoes or $200 shirts.    I would also be open to...
Hey Everyone,   I am going to Japan for 3 months and was wondering if I should pack little clothing and buy most of it there? I am bit unsure about this because I do not know how much clothing costs and where to even buy. I will be based in Tokyo. Was hoping you guys could suggest places to go, that have like must-buy clothing or must-see clothing. Or if I should come back, what articles of clothing should I come back with? Is there something special about Japanese...
Hey Guys,   I'm looking for a GAT in Size 8 for $50 shipped. Preferably in new condition.   Thanks!
Where can I get raw denim with some stretch?
Hi Everyone,   I have up for sale SNS Herning Stark Cardigan XS in Blue Static Mix. This size is nearly impossible to find! I only accept Amazon Payments as I don't have a Paypal account (I've been doing this for all my past transactions and it has worked out really well). Price will be $250. Let me know if you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them.
Anyone 5'6", ~135 lbs, know if the XS button downs fit well? 
Am I the only one who thinks the denim fits a bit too snug on the crotch? Maybe it's just me :o
I want to buy or rent the cheapest Tuxedo possible. Are there any relatively nice tuxedo options available out there? I checked out ModernTailor ($300 for MTM) and theblacktux.com ($100 rental, but fully booked until July 1st), but was wondering if anyone knew anything else. I'm mainly looking for what appears to be Styleforum advice: peaked lapels and a suit that fits. Thanks!
That would have been perfect if they weren't fully booked until July 1st :/
Hello Styleforum,   I am looking to rent a suit for a night. Preferably midnight blue - black and peak/shawl lapels. I am 5'6", 132 pounds. Waist size: 29-30. Size 34, but 36 also works for jacket. If you have anything that would fit me, I would love to rent it for a night and would be willing to pay up to a $100. (I am just a student, as thus my budget is not too high :/) I would go to the rental shops, but the quality is abysmal and depressing. The event will be at the...
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