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Wanted to first say, a huge thanks for such a great reply.    I wanted to get some beater boots to last me a year before investing in some Alden Indy Boots. (Still a college student) Would you know of any such boot or place to buy? It seems like the department stores you mentioned (Kintetsu, Daimaru, Hankyu) would be the best bet. Which one usually offers the best sales?   And I will definitely check out the sale at Grand Front Osaka. That runs from 7/1-7/10? What are...
Dear all,   I'm currently in Osaka, Japan right now and I need new shoes primarily and clothing. I was hoping to buy some boots for under $200. Does anyone know of affordable Japanese brands that I should look into while I'm here in Japan that would be more expensive if I were to buy in the USA? Even better if you knew some stores here in Osaka, that would be nice. I'm still a college student so I can't quite afford $500 shoes or $200 shirts.    I would also be open to...
Hey Everyone,   I am going to Japan for 3 months and was wondering if I should pack little clothing and buy most of it there? I am bit unsure about this because I do not know how much clothing costs and where to even buy. I will be based in Tokyo. Was hoping you guys could suggest places to go, that have like must-buy clothing or must-see clothing. Or if I should come back, what articles of clothing should I come back with? Is there something special about Japanese...
Hey Guys,   I'm looking for a GAT in Size 8 for $50 shipped. Preferably in new condition.   Thanks!
Where can I get raw denim with some stretch?
Hi Everyone,   I have up for sale SNS Herning Stark Cardigan XS in Blue Static Mix. This size is nearly impossible to find! I only accept Amazon Payments as I don't have a Paypal account (I've been doing this for all my past transactions and it has worked out really well). Price will be $250. Let me know if you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them.
Anyone 5'6", ~135 lbs, know if the XS button downs fit well? 
Am I the only one who thinks the denim fits a bit too snug on the crotch? Maybe it's just me :o
I want to buy or rent the cheapest Tuxedo possible. Are there any relatively nice tuxedo options available out there? I checked out ModernTailor ($300 for MTM) and ($100 rental, but fully booked until July 1st), but was wondering if anyone knew anything else. I'm mainly looking for what appears to be Styleforum advice: peaked lapels and a suit that fits. Thanks!
That would have been perfect if they weren't fully booked until July 1st :/
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