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  Looks great! Keep everyone posted on the progress.   How do you decide who "wins"? And what's the prize... beers?
Check out these 21oz Unbranded's worn by our warehouse guy for 1 Month-No Washes!!!
  Yes... June 2013.   Final run. 150 indigo. 40 black/black.
  Machus Blake
MOMOTARO X TATE + YOKO COLLABO     Only 75 units made. N&F WeirdGuy fit. Available now.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY NOW.
  They are talking about the 21oz version. I think you are better off with the 14.5oz version. All indigo denim is going to fade unless it is specifically designed not to and dyed in a reactive dye. That is very rare.   The best way to "not fade" your jeans is to wear them less often. I mean, some people use the strategy of alternating between a few pairs of jeans. I myself will have some pairs that I wear when I know I'm going to be more active so that they fade, and...
A guy on reddit posted his Unbranded 21oz fades after only 1 month of wear... Crazy!...  
YES! Same exact fabric!
N&F Vintage Nudes jeans featured on Hypebeast:
  You can probably get them hemmed with a normal single needle lockstitch. If you don't wear the jeans with a cuff then nobody will ever know that they aren't chain-stitched.
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