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My gf spilled a drop of super glue on a pair of dark navy wool dress pants. I've had them dry cleaned twice and asked for them to try the works to get it out. The stain is still barely visible. Any last desperate measures worth trying? Does sandpaper work? How about dye or other cover up options?
Anyone have experience with Nanamica's Down Coat? Worth the price?       http://www.endclothing.com/us/nanamica-82-18-down-coat-subf558-k.html?gclid=CjwKEAiA1JuyBRCogJLz4J71kj0SJADsd6QRuY0JzXy3JnrTBGJifjymKdA8jKgg0iqLzDoKytjvuhoCPf_w_wcB
Hey guys, I ordered an Isaora Expedition Parka in black/black size XS with 25% off Black Friday discount and it didn't work out. I'm going to send it back in a few days unless someone wants it for what I paid ($650 + fees/shipping). Let me know.
For sale is a size medium Canada Goose MacMillan Parka in black from the premium Black Label (also known as Branta) collection. This collection features higher quality materials and construction standards, as well as more contemporary styling and slimmer fit. I am selling for $100 less than what I paid including shipping and import fees from Canada as I’d rather not have to deal with duty refunds and high return shipping cost. Price is firm.  Measurements:  Chest (across...
I bought a bunch of stuff from Mr. Porter and paid $25 for the same-day evening delivery between 6pm-9pm. I called this afternoon to confirm that they'd be delivering today and that I didn't need to look out for a call from them to schedule a more specific delivery window. They never showed up and didn't bother to give me a heads up they weren't coming. Mr. Porter shouldn't be overbooking same-day deliveries but it wouldn't have been a big deal if they'd just contacted me....
Anyone have a feel for how warm the seamless down jacket or any similar past iterations are? I know look/feel can be deceiving with lower quality down but I've heard good things about the ultra lite and this feels much more substantial. Also not a bad looking jacket and fit for a puffer.
Is the memory coat warm enough for January and February in NYC without a ton of layering, or is it more of a between seasons coat? Specifically I'm looking at the heavy charcoal moleskin on NMWA but asking in general.
Auction live on eBay now! (ends on Thanksgiving)     Hey guys, for sale is a BNWT Herno Laminar 3-in-1 Down Parka that retails for $1495 at Barney's. This is a really bad ass parka with incredible craftsmanship reminiscent of Arc'teryx Veilance, but IMO better styled and fitted.   Outer Shell (Rain Jacket): 100% waterproof/breathable Gore-Tex Removable hood Gore-Tex Inner storage pockers   Removable Insert (Down Layer): Filled with very high quality goose...
Thanks for all of the suggestions, I'll read up and post an update if I end up finding anything.
I'm in need of a pair of black dress shoes, probably cap toes or something similarly versatile. I was going to go with a pair of Alden or Allen Edmonds, but I'll be in Paris in a few weeks and figured it was worth seeing if there are any worthwhile alternatives in that price range that I should check out while I'm there. My max budget is ~$500 but I'd prefer closer to $350-400 if possible. I was thinking worst case, I might have access to some English or Italian brands...
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