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Engineered Garments Field Parka - $480   
Unless I'm missing something, Norse Store price is retail excluding VAT for $792 shipped right? I found a few places in Denmark and the UK that sell for ~$675-700 USD shipped after deducting VAT, converted from either 5000 DKK or 600 Euros base price. Not a huge deal if I have to pay another $100 but I'd rather buy from a retailer I'm familiar with in case I decide to return/exchange.
Anyone know of a place to get the Norse Projects Rokkvi Neoshell 2.0 for less than full price? I was eyeing the medium/black on End but when I went to buy it I got an out of stock message.   http://www.endclothing.com/brands/norse-projects/norse-projects-rokvvi-neoshell-2-0-jacket.html
Bought these from Tres-Bien along with Used Cash and ended up liking the other pair better. Fit TTS. Would rather sell these for exactly what I paid for them, $120, than pay return shipping to Sweden. I'll eat the USA shipping cost to you and send via Priority Mail. I accept PayPal with no fee option or you choose to pay the fees yourself. PM for PayPal address and eBay handle if you'd like feedback reference.
Acne Adrian Hi-Tops in Dark Grey Suede. Buy or don't buy before they are OOS everywhere:      
Good to know. I assume it's something that happens less after a bit of wear once there is a bit of roundness to the front of the sole? My main concern was that the peeling would continue up the front edge of the sole.
Started a separate thread for this but probably should have posted here. I just bought a pair of AE Park Avenues and wore them to work twice last week, and I'm already noticing some strange flattening or peeling of the very bottom outside layer of leather on the soles as shown in the pictures. I didn't do anything destructive in them, just a couple of 5 minute walks across the asphalt in my parking lot each day.   Am I being crazy or is this abnormal? Discoloring over...
If anyone grabbed the Acne Adrian dark grey hi tops in 42 on Mr Porter and they don't work out, let me know.
I mean, there is a size 43, 43 1/3, 43.5, and 44. In what world does that make sense?
Can't get it to pop up either. Tried both chrome and firefox in regular and private browser.
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