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To anyone who owns a Norse Projects Lindisfarne, how warm is this coat? I am specifically asking about the latest winter version that is lined with Primaloft Gold and shearling. Thanks!  
Can anyone tell me which shoe this is pictured here and what color? It shows up as a user picture under Delray but it looks like it may be a different shoe entirely.   http://www.allenedmonds.com/shoes/mens-shoes/oxford-derby-shoes/delray-dress-shoes/SF1208.html#opi2451168745    
If anyone sees the 1950s shirt in Olivine size 46 from last season in stock anywhere please shoot me a PM. Have this shirt already but it recently was ruined in the wash and I haven't been able to find a size 46 anywhere.     Here is the shirt: http://www.endclothing.com/us/our-legacy-1950s-shirt-11631so.html
For sale is a pair of brand new in box Crockett & Jones Harvard loafers in Coffee Burnished Calf Leather and label size 7.5 UK, which converts to approximately 8.5 US. The width is E, which is standard for this model. I have these listed on eBay as well but at a slightly higher total price to make up for fees; see the eBay listing here for additional photos.   Price is firm and includes express shipping within the USA (either USPS or FedEx, depending on location). I am...
Exactly what I was looking for, sounds like she'd be better off with a 37. Thanks.
How long ago did C&J stop making Lincoln loafers? I see a few pairs in black on Rakuten that appear to be deadstock but otherwise seems completely unavailable.
Does anyone have any experience sizing Woman by Common Projects? I haven't been able to find any sizing guides on forums or places like Reddit.   Typically for brands like Adidas, Nike, Vans, Converse, etc, you'd see ~1-2 size difference between US men and women's sizing. But assuming the EU sizes are equivalent between the two lines, CP has a 3 size difference. I'm wondering if this means that the Woman by CP line fits more TTS than the men's line which is notorious for...
Probably a good call. Is there an accepted range of lapel widths that is considered timeless?
I have an appointment at Enzo Custom Suit in NYC a couple weeks from now and I want to get my first custom suit. I'm hoping to stay under $1K which I know limits my options to some extent. This will only be my second suit so I know I want fairly traditional styling. The primary purpose will be for weddings, interviews, and other formal events.   Here's what I have in mind: 100% wool Solid charcoal 2 buttons Flap pockets Slimmer (but not crazy slim) notch...
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