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 Did you go TTS? 
Anyone receive the plain toe moto boots yet? Thoughts?
Is it possible to add a sold out item to your wish list on Mr. Porter in case there's a return, or is it too late?
 Ha, to each his own I guess. 
Heads up for NYC people, Onassis Clothing in Soho is doing 40% off everything through Sunday for Father's Day weekend. They have really great stuff and retail prices are already very fair IMO. Their web presence is lacking, though their new web shop is supposed to launch in the next month or so. Here is the SS16 catalog: http://www.onsclothing.com/ss16-catalog 
 Doesn't work for me. Restrictions?
I didn't intend for my comment to come across as bashing. I've ordered from TS at least a dozen times in the past two years with mostly great customer service experiences. I agree that TS deserves our patience and it won't stop me from being a customer because I know they do care and have desire to deliver to notch service. But I do think it's fair to be critical when the experience is poor, even if it isn't intentional. Really don't mean to bash though, I am a big fan of...
Just when I thought my latest TS experience couldn't get much worse, this blurry and distorted return label was generated. Fortunately I was able to screenshot and use a photo editor to stretch the image, but man this has been such a pain. Hope these growing pains get resolved ASAP.   
Never heard back from customer service but was finally able to process my return today and now my size is sold out. I didn't realize there's no way to do an exchange in the return process, should have just placed the order and dealt with the partial credit later.
Nice find. The pop-up does show up but when I enter my name and email it says I'm not a member of the refer a friend program. I couldn't figure out how to change that.
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