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Pumped about the striped short sleeve California's, the fabric looks dope!! Only regret is similar to the California Aloha and board shorts, I wish the delivery date was earlier in the summer. By the time the striped California's are delivered (around 8/1) it will have been >80 degrees most days for two months on the east coast or in the south. Late May/early June would be ideal for summer drops for those of us with hot and humid summers.
Really dig the new Sailor Twitch drops so far, but a bit disappointed in the timing. Last year Sun Up Sun Down was scheduled around the same window and ended up being delivered mid-July IIRC. It would be nice to have this stuff delivered before 4th of July weekend when a lot of people hit the beach.
What jacket this guy is wearing? From a recent Need Supply feature but not for sale: http://blog.needsupply.com/2016/04/06/color-story-faded-glory/  
I'll be in Rome in a few weeks and figured I might be able to take advantage of the good USD/Euro exchange rate. I'm looking for a solid charcoal wool suit in the $600-800 range. Anything worth checking out over options like Black Lapel or Suit Supply in the US?
I'm a 32 in the vast majority of pants/jeans I own and occasionally a 31. Should I go with 31 or 32 in Telegraph Trousers? In the past I've tried on TS denim in slim cuts and the 31 seemed to be a far better fit, but I wonder if that is due to raw denim sizing conventions where you almost always want to size down 1 or 2. Thanks!
My gf spilled a drop of super glue on a pair of dark navy wool dress pants. I've had them dry cleaned twice and asked for them to try the works to get it out. The stain is still barely visible. Any last desperate measures worth trying? Does sandpaper work? How about dye or other cover up options?
Anyone have experience with Nanamica's Down Coat? Worth the price?       http://www.endclothing.com/us/nanamica-82-18-down-coat-subf558-k.html?gclid=CjwKEAiA1JuyBRCogJLz4J71kj0SJADsd6QRuY0JzXy3JnrTBGJifjymKdA8jKgg0iqLzDoKytjvuhoCPf_w_wcB
Hey guys, I ordered an Isaora Expedition Parka in black/black size XS with 25% off Black Friday discount and it didn't work out. I'm going to send it back in a few days unless someone wants it for what I paid ($650 + fees/shipping). Let me know.
For sale is a size medium Canada Goose MacMillan Parka in black from the premium Black Label (also known as Branta) collection. This collection features higher quality materials and construction standards, as well as more contemporary styling and slimmer fit. I am selling for $100 less than what I paid including shipping and import fees from Canada as I’d rather not have to deal with duty refunds and high return shipping cost. Price is firm.  Measurements:  Chest (across...
I bought a bunch of stuff from Mr. Porter and paid $25 for the same-day evening delivery between 6pm-9pm. I called this afternoon to confirm that they'd be delivering today and that I didn't need to look out for a call from them to schedule a more specific delivery window. They never showed up and didn't bother to give me a heads up they weren't coming. Mr. Porter shouldn't be overbooking same-day deliveries but it wouldn't have been a big deal if they'd just contacted me....
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