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I'm trying to figure out my best size for the Conservation Coat. I have ~37-38" chest, wear 38R jackets and usually wear medium in outerwear, occasionally small. Should I go with a IV or V? The measurements on the V look huge to me even after accounting for thickness of the liner but it seems like consensus is that sizing down is usually a mistake.
Anyone know what these Raf sneakers are? I found them in my closet and can't remember where or when I bought them. My best guess is I bought them around 2008-2010. The tongue and sole are stamped with "RAF" and there is a Made in China label inside, but otherwise no other branding. They look and feel like Stan Smiths but again, no Adidas branding. Are these samples maybe?
I don't own but have tried on multiple versions from different seasons. Sizing was wildly inconsistent in my experience. I'm usually a 42 and would have needed 41, 42, or 43 depending on the version. Quality seemed good though maybe not quite as nice as Common Projects.
Thanks, but damnit, now I want it even more! It was already sold out when I decided I wanted, signed up for a restock alert, it came back once and had it in my cart 2 minutes later, probably took 30 seconds too long to grab my CC info and someone snatched. Hope one turns up.
This is not on the current topic of the BF sale, but does anyone own the Thumper jacket in washed black from SS16? Thoughts? I've been dying to find one of these on grailed or ebay since the last medium was sniped from my cart while I was checking out back in May or June.
Any word on promo code or sale from Gentry?
Will I get hit with duties/customs fees in the US if I place an order at ssense for ~$900? What about dealing with returns from th US? For some reason I thought duties were always included in their prices but according to their terms it is only included if explicitly stated.
Most of the things I wanted are excluded, probably because they are "New Season" or "Permanent Collection." Is it just me or does it seem like everything sells out at Mr. Porter much faster these days, not just during sale season? I was going through my wish list and the oldest stuff that hasn't been purged is only from like a month ago.
 East Dane's stock is limited but all included in up to 25% off 
Therme is on sale at Backcountry, Moosejaw, and OMCgear right now for between 20-25% off. Not sure if your size/color is in stock though.
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