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Exactly what I was looking for, sounds like she'd be better off with a 37. Thanks.
How long ago did C&J stop making Lincoln loafers? I see a few pairs in black on Rakuten that appear to be deadstock but otherwise seems completely unavailable.
Does anyone have any experience sizing Woman by Common Projects? I haven't been able to find any sizing guides on forums or places like Reddit.   Typically for brands like Adidas, Nike, Vans, Converse, etc, you'd see ~1-2 size difference between US men and women's sizing. But assuming the EU sizes are equivalent between the two lines, CP has a 3 size difference. I'm wondering if this means that the Woman by CP line fits more TTS than the men's line which is notorious for...
Probably a good call. Is there an accepted range of lapel widths that is considered timeless?
I have an appointment at Enzo Custom Suit in NYC a couple weeks from now and I want to get my first custom suit. I'm hoping to stay under $1K which I know limits my options to some extent. This will only be my second suit so I know I want fairly traditional styling. The primary purpose will be for weddings, interviews, and other formal events.   Here's what I have in mind: 100% wool Solid charcoal 2 buttons Flap pockets Slimmer (but not crazy slim) notch...
 Did you go TTS? 
Anyone receive the plain toe moto boots yet? Thoughts?
Is it possible to add a sold out item to your wish list on Mr. Porter in case there's a return, or is it too late?
 Ha, to each his own I guess. 
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