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very interested
I need to stock up on some dress clothes.   I know that that a brooks brothers extra slim-fit 14.5-33 dress shirt fits me like a dream.  I am interested in any shirt that fits like this, especially brooks brothers.  I am a small in gitman vintage for reference.   I also would like some slim fitting pants, I am a 28-29 inch waist with preferably a 30-32 inch inseam.
looking to buy any low white common project sneakers. used is okay, i am looking to spend less than $140 
also interested in this
title says it all Gitman Vintage OCBD I particularly want the japanese dobby polka dot   size M     also interested in all Our Legacy Crewnecks Size M
message sent
I am starting a new job and I dont have any decent slim dress shirts. I would prefer slim non button down dress shirts.  I am looking for white in particular. I wear a Brooks Brothers slim fit 15.5 33 or 15.5 34   Thanks!
im completely new. i dont understand how to create a post in the classifieds.  if im logged out i can clearly see the create new thread button, but when im logged in i cant find any button! please help :( 
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