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Already boxed up for an exchange
Thank you for bringing me to light with the unsanforized jeans and the way your  momos are treating you. I was trying to decide whether or not to return them for a different size.
sorry for the 25,000 posts my computer glitched
Momotaro x Blue Owl first collab creates the Midnight Warrior deep indigo 15.7 oz. jeans         I am 6'1" weighing in at 155 lbs. My waist is about 30 inch waist The jeans are so thick and tight that the size 30, which is a 30 inch waist, is not able to be buttons. I am in the process of stretching the waist. Super sick jeans by far my favorite pair of jeans
I will post some pics once I get home
First pair by Tellason graham miller blue selvedge raw indigo jeans, alfani white vneck tshirt and custom black converse with white sidewall
I just got a pair of momotaro midnight warriors (my avatar) are so sick they have pink selvedge and very high quality cotton, 100% Zimbabwe cotton. I haven't started wearing them yet. Super sick with the 2 black stripes on the back pocket!
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