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Because standing out by wearing something ugly and fashion forward and in poor taste means you're standing out for the wrong reasons.  By that rationale you might as well wear the shoes that have set several threads running recently:
If you're looking for a true military accent, then you would be much better placed with a double-breasted blazer.  Any four button single-breasted jacket just makes me think "fashion-forward garbage".   EDIT:  See post 96:!-Blazers!-Blazers!-%28pics%29.../page4&highlight=blazers+blazers+blazers
A good look.   The sports coat thing is important though - I don't like the suits without ties look (ps or no ps).
I can't help with recommendations, but the sort of navy blue suit you describe is an absolute staple and a great choice.  Try to go with something not too fashionable in cut (no skinny lapels, not too short).  
Much too short.  It makes you look like a kid whose outgrown his clothes, and illustrates why the current fashion trend for short jackets sucks.  
Not at an attractive point on the quality / price axis.  
It won't be a problem with brogues.   You need to find a last that fits you.  Continue to try the quality makers in different sizes and widths.  Churchs, Loake (1880), Edward Green, Cheaney are also worth trying (although there will be big variations in price).  I'd be astonished if you didn't find anything comfortable there.   By 'coloured' do you mean brown?  The brown versus black thing has been debated many times.  It depends on what you plan to wear the...
Jeez.  That guy was a douche.  Thanks to the mods for getting it cleared up - appreciate it's a labor of love  
Navy blazer.  Tweedy sports coat.  Navy blue suit. Check out the thread Manton started about 'you are not well dressed if you do not own these things' for a longer list to shoot for.  
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