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What do the members think of this cotton Acne suit? 
can anyone recommend a good package forwarding service in the USA?
2. Gym bag - how much gear do you get in it? is it the duffle or 257?
Yeh i have seen a few pairs on Santoni in Luisa and they are always having sales there as well
pants = Paul Smith  Socks = Bresciani  Shoes = J. Fitzpatrick 
what do people think of this quote from luca rubinacci "You should always wear our double-breasted jackets in the Neapolitan way. That means one button done up at the bottom, rather than the top."  anyone agree with that?
guys i work for an FX company that is opening its offices soon in Australia, we are well aware of the poor rates and high charges that banks charge and we would be able to help all of you guys with your fashion purchases overseas, as long as you all have corporate accounts......
not sure about that but i'm sure if you get in touch with him he could answer that question for you
yeh they are a perfect fit, i feel they will mould very well to my feet. Did you order a pair?
    Took delivery of 2 pairs from shoes snobs range, the black ones are the tony and the dark navy are the broadway, the picture doesn't do the shoes justice but i can tell you that they are absolutely stunning in real life and came beautifully presented in red boxes with individual shoes bags, i would honestly recommend his stuff, not only does he make amazing looking shoes, but he is a great guy and has great knowledge when it comes to shoes.
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