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what model is that?? 
is that an MTO? if so who for? 
Anyone going to Saint Crispin trunkshow at DM next month?? 
quick question, the best online store to buy Carmina's?? thinking of buying now with the AUD/EUR above .7000 now 
quick one does anyone know the code for charles tyrwitt shirts for $40 and free delivery, saw the ad in the saturday daily telegraph but forgot the link and do not have the paper anymore.  thanks in advance
Does anyone have any experience with goodyear bally's? Currently on sale
dumb question but how do you get in you in touch with the people at Carmina??? 
is there anyone in sydney CBD worth paying to get my shoes polished by them??
would love to come to this, but will probably be playing aussie rules, will definately be at the next one
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