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Selling two Kent Wang Grenadies in Sky Blue and Brown. Both are 3.5"x57". Asking $50 shipped for each or $80 shipped for both. Paypal preferred. Brown was worn 1x. http://www.kentwang.com/ties/grenadine-brown.html Sky Blue was worn 3x. http://www.kentwang.com/ties/grenadine-sky-blue.html
Iron Heart SExIH07 Sz. 33 Wore these for a year, grew out of them and haven't warn them since. Were repaired at SENY. Ink stain on right thigh. Waist ~33.5" Thigh ~12.3" Inseam Chainstiched to ~33" My favorite cut, figured I'd pass em on.
Alden "Bootmaker Edition" Cordovan #8 Indy boot bought from theshoemart.com. Regular eyelets all the way up, commando sole, and on the trubalance last. I only wore them a handful of times and they were always stored with Alden shoe trees. In no rush to get rid of them, I just don't wear them for as much as I should. Shoe box and shoe bags are included, and will throw in Alden #8 polish if buyer wishes. Shoe trees are not included. Yours for $500 $475 plus shipping to...
Quote: Originally Posted by dragonxking http://youhavebrokentheinternet.blog...lden-help.html Jet should edit the first post to include this chart.
Quote: Originally Posted by shibbel There's really no reason front squats should be hurting your knees- it's likely that when comparing them your back squats your form is just off. True, my Oly coach wants me to max FS everyday and its better now that I'm transferring more of the load to my hamstrings as I accelerate instead of crashing down. I a completely different feeling from low bar back squats, which I miss...
Quote: Originally Posted by themidship22 I like this teger. What Aldens are those? I really want a pair similar to these. Look like the aldenxjcrew snuff suede boots
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid I'm not lookin to be a powerlifter, plus I feel like keeping the weight in a higher rep range is safer. My squats have stayed damn near stagnant for a year because when I go for heavier weight I can move it, but my knees start to act up. Plus I like my APCs and don't want to have to get new ones. So the truth comes out... haha I have never gotten knee pain for back squats, but front squats are...
CtK - any reason why your goal is 405x6 instead of a 1rm? In other news, I'm beginning to hate front squats...
nice lifts
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