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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could please help me... I would like to know if the Mixed Multicoloured Plaid LDT Jacket and the Navy Wool Uniform Serge LDT Jacket are made from similar wools and do they have the same stretch? Replies will be appeciated~ Ryan
@Ducky Thank you for your response. Appreciate it :)
Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you could please help me. I have tried searching on the internet, but not much info on the short stow model.   I was wondering if these models "short stow" are made on the 4497 last? Do both models have a barbour welt? Can anybody help me identify the exact colors on the grey ones? Does anyone know the model no. for the short stow?   thanks in advance.  
@ MSAINT, striker and badeggcat,   Thank you for the info~ 
          Thank you for the information. Appreciate it.
Dear SF members,   I have been reading  this forum with great interest and am looking to purchase some Tricker's boots. But, before I do, I was wondering if you guys could please give me some info. I would like to know how much do the leather boots stretch, as well as the suede? If any of the members could please give me some info, I will greatly appreciate it.   Ryan.
Unipair is a great store and although I did not purchase anything, the staff were very helpful and informative. I would recommend Unipair to anyone in Seoul looking for some quality shoes and service.
Hi,   I was wondering if anyone is looking to get rid of their J.Crew Garrison Field Jacket size M or L
I recently received my Sterlingwear Navigator Pea Coat in size 40R and it is HUGE!!   I measured the p2p and its almost 23" (+-22 3/4")   Since I'm all the way out in Korea, I'm just gonna take it to the tailor and make it fit. I'll try post before and after pics soon...   my measurements: 176cm (5'77) chest: 40.5" weight: 167.5   anyone wanting to get a Navigator should check sizes
Hello Gentlemen,   Could someone with the Navigator 40R please post up some measurements. P2P and shoulder width. I would really appreciate it.   Thank you.
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