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I now believe in boots during the summer.  
Thanks. They're actually 8.5Es that were not assigned to anyone on the list. Perfect fit.
Cigar CT Boots, maiden voyage today.  
Put a few miles on these from a solid day of client meetings.  
Got a call from Alden DC earlier this week of a Cigar CT boot in 8.5E.  Apparently, the boot was made with no names on the list.  Similar to others who ordered from this run, the color is absolutely beautiful (no filters).          
I THINK this is within SF guidelines (have seen posts similar on this thread) but I'm debating on moving my NIB Whiskey PTBs from Alden SF, Barrie, 8.5D.  Trying to slim down my shoe rotation.  Not 100% sure I'd want to part with them yet (really nice batch of Whiskey), but I thought I'd put feelers out here.
Hang in there, dude.  If all else fails, you may want to consider an AE MTO in brown shell.  It's close to Cigar and customers seem to be MTO'ing regularly.  AE may be my next shell play for a wingtip boot.
Same here bespoke.  Took the advice from many experts here in that calling/e-mailing retailers on a regular basis (monthly) set me up to land rare Alden shells.  
Feel much better about the color in natural light.  Ryden - apologies for the QC issues and that the boots weren't up to your expectations.  
Really dark shade of Cigar CTs (photo not in natural light), but really like the antique edge and commando sole.  Really digging the shape of the Grant last.  
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