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Ravello x wheat selvedge  
Whiskey and red on a long-awaited sunny day.  
They responded to my inquiry.  As of last week, they had a 9E in stock.  
@chrisefi Thanks!  Two sprays to an old undershirt for each shoe/boot works for me.  Like most here have experienced, shell typically handles bad weather pretty well.  $15 for the LD just makes me feel better.
Caught in the rain 4 consecutive days this week wearing these.  No longer scared to wear shell in bad weather, but Leather Defender is definitely a solid $15 insurance policy.  
Mac method with a little bit of Saphir cordovan cream.  15 mins total, tops.
Some TLC after getting caught in heavy rain yesterday.  
DC Cigar Commando Trippers.    
Herd has been thinnned to one Ravello CT boot.  Will likely focus future Alden purchases to Grant last.  
New Posts  All Forums: