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Ravello x Kathy/Joe    
Whiskey waiting for the train.  
Ravello x wheat selvedge  
Whiskey and red on a long-awaited sunny day.  
They responded to my inquiry.  As of last week, they had a 9E in stock.  
@chrisefi Thanks!  Two sprays to an old undershirt for each shoe/boot works for me.  Like most here have experienced, shell typically handles bad weather pretty well.  $15 for the LD just makes me feel better.
Caught in the rain 4 consecutive days this week wearing these.  No longer scared to wear shell in bad weather, but Leather Defender is definitely a solid $15 insurance policy.  
Mac method with a little bit of Saphir cordovan cream.  15 mins total, tops.
Some TLC after getting caught in heavy rain yesterday.  
DC Cigar Commando Trippers.    
New Posts  All Forums: