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Upgraded closet space.  Aldens get top shelf.    
here as wellmy first j's in a long time Nice, first AJ kop for me since the original Space Jams.  Cheers.
Shoe lineup for holiday travels.  Happy Holidays to all!  
Ravello today for me as well.  
Anyone out there own these Suede Plaza Slip-ons (#3554)?  Would love to see any pics in the wild.    
Cigar x Kathy/Joe  
From an older run, picked them up last week.
New to the rotation:  Cigar NST x Alden DC.  
Picked up 8.5E (typically 8.5D Barrie/Van, 9D Grant).  First timer on Aberdeen, so we'll see how well these fit.
 These are great.  Thanks very much for the tip, just picked up a pair.  Hopefully they're as nice as yours.
New Posts  All Forums: