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Ravello today for me as well.  
Anyone out there own these Suede Plaza Slip-ons (#3554)?  Would love to see any pics in the wild.    
Cigar x Kathy/Joe  
From an older run, picked them up last week.
New to the rotation:  Cigar NST x Alden DC.  
Picked up 8.5E (typically 8.5D Barrie/Van, 9D Grant).  First timer on Aberdeen, so we'll see how well these fit.
 These are great.  Thanks very much for the tip, just picked up a pair.  Hopefully they're as nice as yours.
Anyone have pics of the Cigar NST loafer from AOM?
Ravello rolls.  On a side note, visited the B&M Shoemart shop today.  The plaza-lasted boots in smooth calf (Indy and cap toe) are really nice.  Looked like Ravello at first glance.    
Ravello x Kathy/Joe    
New Posts  All Forums: