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Whiskey LHS for a night out with the wife.
 @epc2, @mdubs, @Burzan, @mrfixit - Thanks! @RevisIsland - Whiskeys are 2 years old, Cigars are 3 weeks old, Ravello just came in today.  
Updated Alden shell family pics:    
 Interesting, feel really lucky then since it sounds like the Cigar I received last week and this Ravello is their final rare shell LHS run.
2nd item checked off the 2015 want list.  Ravello LHS in route.  
 Spectacular!  Really going to be difficult waiting for the next run to arrive.
Cigar LHS just arrived from the West Coast.  Definitely keepers!  
 Beauties Dubs!  Have they lightened up at all since you bought them?
 2014 Acquisitions:DC Cigar Captoe (favorite pair of Aldens) DC Ravello LWB SF Whiskey PTB (came and went) SF Cigar LHS (in route) SF Ravello LHS (in route)  Pipeline/Wants:DC Ravello Captoe Ravello NST Boot Color 8 LHS Dark Brown Snuff Plaza Slip On Focusing on boots and loafers moving forward.
Ravello for a Monday back in the office.  
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