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PSA:  As of this morning, Harrison still had 9.5D available in the Whiskey Shortwings in Aberdeen.  Inquired for 9Ds but there were none left :(  They also have Cigar Tassels and Cigar PTB in the same size.
   Chip - I'm in agreement with your original post in selling to SF members, but maybe not with the same level of aggression.  There really are people on this forum who have good intentions (I feel like I'm one of them) in selling rare shell to members that are not only solid contributors that will truly enjoy the shoes.   I've sold a few shoes on this forum above, at, and significantly below what I paid.  I just sold a pair of ravello that likely could have fetched way...
 Oh damn, nice!  Who wore it better?  I missed on your Color 8 combo (mine is Ravello LWB and Color 2 wallet).  
Travel companions for this week:  
Thanks! @mdubs  No flash and no filter with iPhone.  Picture is pretty accurate to the true color.   Thanks! @patrick_b
DC Ravello LWB maiden voyage.  
@ReppTiePrepster:  just thinning the herd, my friend!  Difficult to fit many shoes regular rotation.  Plus, my preference is the DC Ravello LWB version (more brown vs. red and no brass eyelets).  
Awesome!  Enjoy them!
Ravello for the evening.    
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