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Ravello x DC and Vermilyea Pelle bag.    
First pair of EGs.  First post in this thread.  Terrible hotel carpet.   Cognac Crup Cardiffs.  
Cigar x Alden DC circa 2014.    
For your consideration, I am selling an Alden Ravello Longwing Blucher (97506) in size 8E.  These are shaped on Barrie last, antique edging, double leather sole, and waterloc sole.  Alden afficianados will know that these are extremely rare.  These were purchased from Alden DC.   I am the original owner, and they have light to medium wear on the soles.  Photos are of the actual pair of shoes for sale.  PM me for any additional photos.   Shoes come with the original box...
Ravello x DC  
Yes sir.
A day early, these only get better with age.  
Thanks DV!  Purchased from Citi about a month ago.  
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