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DC Cigar Commando Trippers.    
Herd has been thinnned to one Ravello CT boot.  Will likely focus future Alden purchases to Grant last.  
Re-sole at B. Nelson.  Thanks for calling that out, just edited the listing! 
For your consideration, I am selling an Alden Ravello Cap Toe Boot (39623HC) in size 8.5D.  These are shaped on Barrie last, antique edging, and were re-soled with double Dainite (dark brown) by B. Nelson.  Looks like Color 4 in certain lighting conditions.  Alden aficionados will know that these are extremely rare as they were released exclusively by Unionmade in San Francisco.   I am the original owner, and they have light wear on the soles.  Photos are of the actual...
DC Ravello CT debut.  
Fresh from DC.  Can't find a single flaw.  Ravello comparison shots to Unionmade Kirkwood CT (2012) and Alden DC LWB (2014).        
Whiskey LHS for a night out with the wife.
 @epc2, @mdubs, @Burzan, @mrfixit - Thanks! @RevisIsland - Whiskeys are 2 years old, Cigars are 3 weeks old, Ravello just came in today.  
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