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  Thanks for the heads up on that. I'll for sure stay away from Jos.A.B and AE trees, then.  My main problem with the Jos.A.B trees were not only that they were too wide, but the edge was too pointed on inside toe part, which left that crease (it's getting a bit better). The Alden trees however had smoother edges, so even if they were too wide, they wouldn't dig in the side of the shoe with a sharp horizontal edge.   Also, both are size XL - M, both say that they're made...
  Gotta strongly disagree with you on this particular case, while you're right as a rule of thumb, it is definitely not the case for all shoes and all situations.  It is especially not true regarding the Neumok, if there was ever a balmoral that was meant for jeans, it is the Neumok. In fact, I'd go so far as to say they'd look a bit weird in slacks. This being especially true with the Blue/Red/Olive Neumoks. By the way, Michael Haines, those are some very nice Neumoks...
  Wowza. These are beautiful, the whole thing: shoes, socks, pants, color combination. Well done.   It's saying on that page that it's a Grant last. Also, any idea why all Alden shoes aren't on the actual Alden official site, but they happen to all be on the Shoemart site?
2nd cousins and other family members, I got a question. I mostly have AE shoes and have no idea how Alden shoes fit in general. I'm fairly close to buying the Alden Shell cap toe boot, color #8. Does anyone have any personal experience to whether it runs long or short, wide or narrow. Is it true to size? I'm usually in a weird position, I normally wear 13 D, but my AE's in 13 are slightly too big (but still comfortable and not too much of a problem, I just double sock)...
  Nice! Just bought some, first pair of Shoe Trees. :)
  THANKS!! Just bought some. 
  When did bucksfan post this?  Because I'm on the site and it's 25.00$.   I guess this is a good time to ask, are shoe trees good for all leather types? Should I buy them for my Neumoks, which are distressed leather.
Here are those Sanford's my dad found at the Thrift store for 30$. They're in pretty damn good condition I think, for 30$ I wouldn't complain either way!  They are 11 B          
  I encounter this sometimes too. I know it shouldn't, but sometimes this discourages me from buying nice shoes, because, what's the point? Thankfully I get more compliments for my AE's, so that makes it all better and worthwhile. Added to the fact that I buy my shoes for me, of course.   PS. My dad just bought some Brown Sanford's in near pristine condition at the thrift/retail shop for... 30$!!
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