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    Seems like more toe allowance is necessary on the Lobb shoe in order to create a chiseled toe box.  Without the extra allowance, the last would be square toed.  Unless of course your feet are naturally chisel toed or pointy... 
You could simply substitute ribbon laces for plain laces on wholecut shoes to make them - in my opinion - acceptable for black tie dress.  I am partial to these since you do not need a different pair of shoes for black tie events and they are not made of patent leather.        
Bump.     There are quite a few pieces from Sartorio on Yoox and would like to know if anyone can comment on these.  
Gary's carries Gravati shoes, which are worth checking out.  
Some pictures of my pair in antiqued burgundy after one wearing:                 Re sizing: I usually wear a US 10.5 D. This pair is a 9 D in JMW's size.    I initially wanted a pair of G&G on the DG70 last but could not try them on as opposed to JMWs.  At least from the pictures I've seen, the lasts look similar.  
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