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PM sent! 
Will there be a navy suede string tie loafer available soon or was that just a group MTO?  
Just go to Suit Supply.  A new store in Seattle should be open by then.  There is nothing else in Seattle that you cannot find in any other major city. 
Coburn, did you decide to get a jacket? If so could you share pictures and/or a review of it? There are so few options in Seattle and so little information.
It's just my opinion that's all.  I don't care for brown jackets (and suits for that matter).  Tan can work too, but to my eye light grey creates a nice contrast with dark jackets.  I agree that patterned trousers would look like a costume, that was my point.  Trousers need to be plain, but a loud jacket creates a incongruous effect since the upper body is busy and exciting but the lower is boring.  It's like someone suddenly gained inspiration halfway through dressing up . 
Casual plaid suits get my vote.     In principle SCs and trousers offer limitless possibilities.  In practice however this doesn't seem to be the case.  The SC - almost irrespective of color - seems to demand light grey trousers.   SC colors can be problematic: grey looks like an orphaned suit jacket, brown is not a nice color in my opinion, green and rust in the right shade can look good, but navy always looks good.   Then there is pattern: a bold plaid SC is...
Suit Supply is opening a store in Seattle?    
Subscribed, good luck!
I have also had similar disappointing experiences with Sartorio.  One was a linen/silk sport coat that was either fused or half-canvassed (I cannot differentiate) and was a true 3-button coat (not a 3-roll-2).  Another was a 50% wool 50% linen suit yet was very heavy and the coat was fully lined.  I have pure wool suits that are much more appropriate for summer.  The coat of suit was fully canvassed for what it's worth. Both went back to yoox. 
    Seems like more toe allowance is necessary on the Lobb shoe in order to create a chiseled toe box.  Without the extra allowance, the last would be square toed.  Unless of course your feet are naturally chisel toed or pointy... 
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