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price drop
Beautiful blue Boglioli K-Jacket 48R IT (38R), 90% Cashmere, 10% Silk, unaltered.    Unlined (sleeves only), 3-roll-2, patch pockets, completely unpadded shoulders, dual vents, working cuffs, previously worn but in great condition.   5th picture is truest to actual color.     Paypal only, shipping to continental US only.    Measurements below.    Length: 29" Chest: 21" Waist: 19" Sleeve: 35" Shoulders: 18"   PM me to take the next step.
Town & Country cleaners in Bellevue.  They press the lapels open on suit jackets so they come back with a natural roll. 
PM sent! 
Will there be a navy suede string tie loafer available soon or was that just a group MTO?  
Just go to Suit Supply.  A new store in Seattle should be open by then.  There is nothing else in Seattle that you cannot find in any other major city. 
Coburn, did you decide to get a jacket? If so could you share pictures and/or a review of it? There are so few options in Seattle and so little information.
It's just my opinion that's all.  I don't care for brown jackets (and suits for that matter).  Tan can work too, but to my eye light grey creates a nice contrast with dark jackets.  I agree that patterned trousers would look like a costume, that was my point.  Trousers need to be plain, but a loud jacket creates a incongruous effect since the upper body is busy and exciting but the lower is boring.  It's like someone suddenly gained inspiration halfway through dressing up . 
Casual plaid suits get my vote.     In principle SCs and trousers offer limitless possibilities.  In practice however this doesn't seem to be the case.  The SC - almost irrespective of color - seems to demand light grey trousers.   SC colors can be problematic: grey looks like an orphaned suit jacket, brown is not a nice color in my opinion, green and rust in the right shade can look good, but navy always looks good.   Then there is pattern: a bold plaid SC is...
Suit Supply is opening a store in Seattle?    
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