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Yeah I think the fit is good. As others said mmm's have pretty dropped shoulders
I'm a v small dude any larger and the trucker wouldn't be wearable. I know my measurements really well and am confident in my sizing. Could just be an outlier I guess. It's not a dealbreaker I still wear it pretty often
So the chore coats have longer sleeves than the truckers? That's surprising. And unfortunate id like an inch on my trucker too haha
Some of the colors are already out in a few sizes. Damn. I'll probably pick up 2 more in my next order if they're still there
I think for a very very basic comparison, the thermals from last year are warmer and I'm guessing thicker since it when I wear my double rider it feels tighter but not by a ton. They're close enough in weight it's hard for me to compare otherwise though. The bamboo/sorona is super soft and feels amazing on your body while the henley's have a very awesome crispy texture
Stuff like this is why I tell people wvg is my favorite clothing brand by far. All the stuff I've gotten has blown me away
Edit: double post
I actually got all v necks so I can't compare roll neck to crew neck but if the v is any indication it's a higher neckline than the roll necks for sure.For length I'd have to update you tomorrow to double check but I'm wearing last years henley right now and they new tees are definitely longer than thoseConsiderably thicker for sure. You can hold the shirt by the neck and really feel the weight pulling down. The short sleeve felt super light, I prefer winter but wearing...
Isn't Burberry the og brand anyway? If not, who?
Just got the heavy weight tees and my first sorona short sleeve. If you haven't felt the fabric before and are on the fence definitely pick one up. They're ridiculously soft, the girl I was with when I opened the package couldn't stop touching them. The fit is super great, slim just like the short sleeve shirts and with the long sleeves they stack and look awesome, and for people with long arms they'll just fit like your monkey arm shirts probably do. Just really great...
New Posts  All Forums: