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If you have the ones from the original run like two years ago this is true but I've matched them up to the ones from last year at least out of the ones I have and they're identical other than the more open neckEither way the Egyptian bamboo tees are probably up your alley in the next size up since they fit smaller than the bamboo tees
Just ordered a black suede jodhpur. 
That's their bigger version, you probably want their slimmer model https://www.schottnyc.com/products/waxed-natural-pebbled-cowhide-a-2.htm?color=2&catID=8 I think it was Eastman people said had pretty slim a2's as well
nah they're definitely slim but as you wear them they start to drape which is something I like about the fabric. I'm ~138lbs and wear an XS so on the upper end of the XS spectrum.  I could probably wear an S if I wanted to. Part of why I think the design is great on these, the fabric and the roll neck/raw hem gives you a lot of room to have the style conform to what you like    [[SPOILER]]    the v necks are also nice but I don't own any from this iteration 
you could most definitely email gina concerning the sizing. Mauro will do MTO in something bigger for you if needed the shirts are thin and drapey but bamboo and sorona are supposedly pretty hard wearing. never had any problems with mine, i've had them for about a year or so 
Autocorrect changed mto to mtm -_-. fixed now
same as rewards membership so $74 iirc
Star Wars the old republic used to be a monthly fee. I hear you can start at lvl 70 in WoW now? Ok to keep this on subject for the people who are debating to get on the mto overdye train: hop on! It took just one email and Mauro got me setup. I got a 38 bd indigo increased the sleeves by 3/4" and increased the neck size by a cm
Dude it's so easy to get your money's worth out of the rewards membership. And hey maybe you personally didn't, I'm sure I've spent money at times where I shouldn't have, too but I didn't go blame the company if something went on sale or reduced in price literally years after I bought it. Plus now things are pre-order whereas before it was mostly all in-stock. It was just a different model. If this is what Mauro needs to do for wvg to be sustainable then I'm all about it....
What was the sizing like, hoodog? Did you go the mtm route or was this a stock jacket. Looks perfect to me
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