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I truthfully think it's more like his stylist likes CCP stuff and Brad just wears it like any other jacket in his closet. Which I guess is what you mean but it feels characterized as like a "wow that dude is so confident he just wears CCP and boot cut jeans", but he's just wearing $10,000 worth of clothes because that's what was in his closet and he didn't have an event for someone to construct an outfit for him that day. With that much money you can buy anything you want...
Anyone who's owned a few leather jackets will tell you the pattern and leather make the measurements change by quite a bit. Good leather tailors can also be hard to find depending on location. Seems legit for an mtm service to confirm measurements before producing
Would the zipper config and the fit be on the table? That's really what I want.
I think it's more like typical vanson sizing runs big and they're adjusting the size grading to be more in line with that versus the junya. Idk even when the complete size charts come out as far as I know there aren't full size charts for the junya. Thurston has said time and time again the fit and pattern is the same, and after the prototype the shoulders are being brought in. The half sizes being offered and the size grading itself (xxs xs s etc) is the difference
It should be just as slim, just with slightly smaller shoulders I thought?
Also if diniro's fit is any indicator it should be spot on when sized correctly, especially with the half sizes which I wish more brands would offer, at least on an mto basis
I know he had a CWU and I'm pretty sure he wore an A2 though I couldn't find the post off the top of my head. Pretty sure he just didn't like how DRs looked on him. 
I love all my wvg stuff to death. I pretty much only wear the tee's and henleys aside from the sweet ass thermal knit when it's below freezing but they're all I ever want to wear and all I do is tell my friends that are into clothes to hop on board the wvg train. Best of luck to mauro with whatever he decides.
I'm ~135. I'm super happy with my weight. If I wanted to bulk up I would, this is just how I want to look right now. Thanks though! 
Here are some pictures of the new Henley vs last season's if any were wondering. New is charcoal, old is olive  [[SPOILER]]
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