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Fuck that sucks, I saw that jacket on there and remembered that jacket from The vanson thread, hard to forget the forest green. I would also contact grailed, I know they usually try to do better for sellers than PayPal alone. Edit: sorry didn't see the additional page of replies all saying the same thing I did haha
I too am ready for the dr trend to be over. Even on here and probably on reddit there are plenty of people that buy biker jackets for "versatility" and wear it with their otherwise business casual clothing. Just not a great look. A lot of outfits would be much better off with an a2 or something imo. People used to be like "where can you get a 'minimalist' DR that's not toj" and now suddenly the answer is almost every store has a collab from Schott or golden bear or...
can't you adjust the length since it's mto? I would ask Mauro
the fit on the 525 is the same as the 626, which is the same as that UO x schott collab posted a few replies up!
Schott makes a few. The 525 is probably the most similar to that
It feels like every falcon (Moto styled) jacket in this thread has sleeves that are too short or just barely long enough. Renalan's ToJ in the last page or so is indicative of how most ToJ sleeves look imo, but since Charly has done the sizing for both brands I'm not sure why that is
That's very kind of you to say! I was planning to post some with the new henley's too, I'll see if I can take any this week! 
The gray knit scarf is wonderful
i have a few indigo things from the last year or so. the overdye, the bamboo sorona tees, and the henley. haven't noticed bleeding or fading although I don't really think about it. I also use dye free detergent if that makes a difference idk    also haven't posted pics of the henley's yet but for the people that wished the ones from the last batch were softer, these are up your alley. Also sizing up was definitely required for me. Loved the fit on the XS henley's from...
Models are tall af and will have longer arms than your average person. The measurements seem fine
New Posts  All Forums: