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Also, any word from Liam on the sept 1 batch? Didn't wanna send an email if someone asked already
Maybe it has something to do with tomorrow is Oct 1? So if Mauro decided to no longer be an SF affiliate, today would be the day to close the thread? Looks like his tag says senior member and not affiliate as well.   If so, (and I wouldn't wanna make it at least for a few days so as not to jump the gun) I guess maybe an unofficial thread might be in order? So many shirting options that look sick I'm stuck between 3 of them, and I'm not even into buttoned shirts. And I...
When I saw the pics not being worn I definitely thought it was pretty short but in the end I think it ended up being spot on. Good job dude 
idk if it's about drawbacks as much as for me it isn't even that these are similar to SLP or whatever since I like the shape of these more. It's just that finding decent black suede jodhpurs (hell would have taken chelseas or sidezips even) under Carmina prices ($400-500) was really difficult. I would've bought meermin months ago if they still offered single MTO. But I looked this up, liked what I saw and gave it a shot.  I just like jodhpurs. 
Judging by the back length the uo is the 626 pattern which is something schott does pretty often on collabs. The navy satin looks great though. My 626 has the flannel lining and while I like the flannel in general a lot of my tees are knits so the lining kind of pulls up the sleeves when i put it on which is annoying, would definitely prefer a satin lining
That's a Lewis leathers jacket
hmtwrk, was this mtm or a stock pattern? Interested in seeing how the stock patterns fit mainly for curiosity 
I don't get the point of comparing a Lewis lightning to a mj jacket just to compare the ll and dr2010. Like it's just rampant hyperbole
Are the batches from the last two runs (the august 20th and september 1st) going to have the topy and taps already installed? I agree with cyc on the sw&d side of things i don't see a reason why you wouldn't want them on    "Ankle-high Chelsea Boot in clean-lined style with single Italian leather soles. Rubber topy on bottom and metal tap on toe."
Just ordered a black suede jodhpur. 
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