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If someone thinks 24" is way too cropped for their body, what recommendation would you give?
[[SPOILER]] You sound like an ideal candidate for the Schott 626. It's pretty slim fitting but not on an RO level, and its biggest detractor imo (it being 26" rather than 24 or even 25") sounds like exactly what you want. They're also around $600 new, if you like how they fit OTR it's a pretty solid buysorry to detract from slp thread I forgot what thread I was reading
They're all pretty great, good finds thurston bros
I was looking through the DR thread the other day and noticed the VAJ-3 that they sent out as the initial slim fit jacket to adjust measurements for the actual jacket has the banded hem too and IMO it's a lot less noticeable than in the photo-shopped version in this thread, I think if the banded hem would be close enough to allow us to use the Junya chest/handwarmer pocket layout, interested to see if you guys think it's a better alternative than not having them at all.
Aw, I imagine most people go tts so I'm a 44. Really tempted to just pick it up I have a schott 626 but the ro really feels like something I would wear and be a part of me but I'm a stickler about wanting heavy calfskin or cowhide in a jacket so this one just seems perfect to me
Is the upcoming season calf stooges that RFX wrote about the same heavy calf that everyone was buying in the leather jackets thread? Or is it not out yet.
 This is the first collared moto-style jacket I've ever seen that I thought looked amazing. Wow.
 Are there? I was under the impression the jackets are a little hard to find, I guess I'm not looking in the right placesI feel like we keep dancing around exactly what we need to change to make this a go, or maybe I'm just being really dense (if so I'm really sorry). Can Junya really own that particular chest/handwarmer pocket combo?If so, honestly at this point even the default pocket layout on the daytona seems cool to me, I feel like vorbs nailed it back on the first...
weird advice in this thread. non-iron dress shirts usually are very shiny and plastic-looking, and ironing isn't hard. don't work on killing $1000 at once you'll just buy a lot of things and then never wear them. Don't spend $800 on a pair of boots, there's nothing wrong with spending $800 on a pair of boots if you know that's what you want but just from reading your posts, between now and when you go to school there's almost no way you'll have developed your own style to...
Yeah I understand, I think it is sort of dead if it turns out we can't copy the chest zipper placement, we could turn it a few degrees or whatever but any more than that and it'd be hard to get everyone to agree on a pocket layout. What Thurston Bros said did give me a little hope but I understand if it can't happen. It's just a shame; I can't really justify to myself another double rider when I just got the schott 626 but i really wanted to be a part of these collabs and...
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