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fit pic of one of the henley's i got from the final saleI'd say I love it so much I plan to buy more but between the wool tee's and the thermal my clothes budget has been spoken for.but i mean, i do love it [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] Yeah I'd get it for sure
I'd say it's a good price. Not sure if I've ever seen below 50% unless it was absolute clearance like with only one or two in stock on gilt or something
My body is ready for the wool tee's
Pretty sure silver zips don't have double zipper pulls but I could be wrong
I'm happy you kept it dude, it's an amazing jacket. Fit pics?
What kind of issues have you had? I have a charcoal with the horween leather one on the way...are any of these updates included with those?
I hear the leather is actually pretty good but idk being made in India when other than being slim there's really nothing special about design would lead me to not buy them at retail when schott and vanson both offer leathers at 700. If you lurk on gilt long enough they go for 400-500 which is more in line with what I'd pay and I'm sure on other sites they go down to those prices too But I mean if you really like their designs and just want a jacket and it's worth the...
Also if you're set on schott their 626 is slimmer and longer. their stock photos are horrific but this photo from their site looks much better
waxed charcoal trucker is needed in my life. the more I wear my olive trucker the more I like it
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