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There are two vanson threads: DR: http://www.styleforum.net/t/387175/vanson-styleforum-thurston-bros-slim-fit-japanese-double-rider-mto/0_50 Moto: http://www.styleforum.net/t/394300/vanson-styleforum-thurston-bros-japanese-slim-fit-japanese-moto-jacket-mto/0_50
Fok had a hand in the DR one but Thurston (rightfully) took the reins a bit more on the moto model. It'll end up being a stock product (more than the SF GMTO that I believe the idea originally started as) and one that I think will do well for them regardless. I still plan to buy the Vanson moto over the honourmark one personally. I think they both will have their audience. 
I guess I've always thought of the henley's as being textually crispy rather than just buttery soft. It's something you can really see in the fabric too, I feel. My girlfriend too, loves to touch all my WvG stuff. She thinks the henley's are the pinnacle of textually interesting waffle knit. Damn it, now I want to order more.    But yeah I can totally see why the short sleeve tees aren't being restocked yet so no worries, there's still a lot in sizes other than XS. 
Sounds like the fit is similar to last years? It's true they fit a little less slim but I've always loved the way they draped. I'm also an xs. Any pics?
Honestly I'm already looking toward summer, I only have two of the short sleeve bamboo/sorona tees and I love them both to death, unfortunately all the XS was sold out :(. The last blue tortilla one was picked up while I was still debating if I wanted another henley or not. Such is life ~~  Also got some pics of wearing some wvg tees out (and a generic mirror fit pic of the lightweight bamboo tee for anyone who hasn't jumped on board yet) [[SPOILER]]
I guess it's more like, LL already offers "tight fit"jackets that look great whereMtm is a part of the price (around $1200 usd). Unless you're in love with a particular design theres not a compelling reason to buy this over a lightning. From what I've read from tfl and sf, ll stock cowhide isn't super thick though it's true there's not a lot of LL reviews to go off of on here
I wear the henleys all the time and never noticed them not holding their shape.
The chinos and jeans look super awesome. My staple jean is the levi 510 for my chicken legs so I'm really stoked. Just too busy to get my proper waist size until this weekend.
Also the blk dnm dr's have a scalloped back which are going to measure longer than the straight back most toj's have
This is the same fabric from last year, right? I'm wearing my olive henley right now, the texture on this fabric never gets old for me. Definitely getting the charcoal and mocha. Probably indigo, too. 
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