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Drew's said a few times he thinks the 4 zip is his preferred version even if it came later. Take that however you'd like
Edit: eh I haven't bought enough button downs yet to have an opinion
To the "all prices should be rewards member pricing", this would completely alienate all stockists. It provides less incentive for people to actively keep up with wvg, and it would make mtm a nightmare imo Ps finally became rewards member, so stoked to be a part of this
This is not simply a steal in relation to how much the junya jacket costs. The leather being used, the cut being offered, and the design are really above and beyond most other things being offered. You not being able to personally afford or even justify it to yourself is a completely valid reason to not purchase it, it isn't a valid reason to pretend like you know anything about leather jackets when you clearly don't in a leather jacket thread. Even someone who doesn't...
I only dress formally when I absolutely have to but that's what makes me want at least one wvg mtm dress shirt when they come out. I'll only ever need one and I feel less like a Ken doll when I can really appreciate the clothes I'm wearing. I keep putting off becoming a rewards member only because I keep buying more and more of the sale stuff. I'm thinking I'll just buy the rewards membership outright and buy stuff later on around Christmas instead of buying a bunch of...
I feel like if you wanted another in calf drew would make an exception for old times sake. Of course what do I know I think I just want to see more anaconda jacket porn
^^^ I was actually wondering that myself about your particular jacket. The last pic I saw of it that you posted was your gf wearing it in 2013, right? How's it holding up?
yeah thanks for the thoughts synth and Fok! Really good to know, I didn't realize for example Aero's trainees sell jackets under a different line. I'm not torn between ToJ and Vanson at all I know I prefer the more biker oriented jackets with thicker leathers, it's just I finished re-reading the entire ToJ thread and I just want some meaty discussion on jackets. That is one thing that thread has had lots of over the years. perhaps I need more of my own so I can contribute...
 you're getting the sf dr in comp weight, right? If I go for the dr i'll probably do z150 (actually navy comp weight sounds awesome which I think is what you said you wanted) but I definitely wanna see what a super slim comp weight would look like, I know some of the old junya's are cw but no fit pics iirc
^^^ yeah I totally understand but I mean that is sort of the question that I'm sure will come up once these models are all done and can be ordered stock for $700. it doesn't have to be what's really 'better', I'm not particularly concerned about that. I just mentioned that drew said he thought his stuff was better cus he did say it hahaha (particularly in reference to calfskin, which I imagine he was thinking of the z150 leathers since he lived in japan for a time and...
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