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That's very kind of you to say! I was planning to post some with the new henley's too, I'll see if I can take any this week! 
The gray knit scarf is wonderful
i have a few indigo things from the last year or so. the overdye, the bamboo sorona tees, and the henley. haven't noticed bleeding or fading although I don't really think about it. I also use dye free detergent if that makes a difference idk    also haven't posted pics of the henley's yet but for the people that wished the ones from the last batch were softer, these are up your alley. Also sizing up was definitely required for me. Loved the fit on the XS henley's from...
Models are tall af and will have longer arms than your average person. The measurements seem fine
There are some people on SF who have the Japan only schott 613us which is the same thing I'm 90% sure. I googled it a bunch a year or two back
Damn, so that's what the X150 leather looks like. Looks great 
yeah thurston just isn't an affiliate anymore so they don't actively post on here but you can call thurston bros up and order i'm 90% sure
That horsehide looks really really nice. 
My sz 38 overdye came a couple weeks ago if that helps at all. 
Did any more jackets come through this project? I just wanted to see more pictures of dope jackets
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