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Yeah so the deal w the henleys is that the olive/indigo ran a size smaller than the last run, dark sienna ran the same size. No idea about the black I have 2 from the March 2014 or so batch, and then 3 from the run before that, and I think the colors/fabric were the best on the most current run, though yeah they weren't as thick as previous years Soft af Feel like with autumn around the corner they shouldn't have even gone on sale they're so nice. Hope people are able...
I never really tried his US stuff, I became a rewards member in the fall of 2014. Tried the Egyptian cotton button down in xs bd but it didn't end up being a great fit. I just looked at the measurements and figured a bd 38 would be the move. So I got one an overdye from the first Italian batch which fit great but for future orders added some length to the sleeve, kept the 38 body and asked for a 39 neck and that's what I've been getting ever since! I'm XS in the bamboo...
Kinda glad now I didn't get in on the ombré, dark on top was what I would've expected too In other news I've now bought the green and black and then red and black oxfords from some of the earlier preorders. I nailed down the mto changes awhile ago, tried on the red and black today and realized I didn't even need to, fit has been perfect for the last three or so shirts I've ordered
I usually feel like celebs don't pull off wearing that style too well but it looks so natural on goldblum to me
I'd love to see a "stone" color. Something lighter than charcoal but darker than a light grey. One of the first runs of the bamboo sorona tees had a color like this, but I somehow lost it on a weekend trip I took 
Fuck that sucks, I saw that jacket on there and remembered that jacket from The vanson thread, hard to forget the forest green. I would also contact grailed, I know they usually try to do better for sellers than PayPal alone. Edit: sorry didn't see the additional page of replies all saying the same thing I did haha
I too am ready for the dr trend to be over. Even on here and probably on reddit there are plenty of people that buy biker jackets for "versatility" and wear it with their otherwise business casual clothing. Just not a great look. A lot of outfits would be much better off with an a2 or something imo. People used to be like "where can you get a 'minimalist' DR that's not toj" and now suddenly the answer is almost every store has a collab from Schott or golden bear or...
can't you adjust the length since it's mto? I would ask Mauro
the fit on the 525 is the same as the 626, which is the same as that UO x schott collab posted a few replies up!
Schott makes a few. The 525 is probably the most similar to that
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