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any updates on this? 
Nah it just basically puts their posts in a "spoiler". But if they're the last to reply you'll see it on your subscribed page at least for the mobile site and if someone else quotes them you'll see as well.90% sure they see your posts unaffected
Do those people also not find going on fashion forums and taking fit pics to post for the internet equally weird? If that's the case you've found a pretty open minded bunch, we can let the not liking floor outfits slide
The way people tend to talk about toj calf is how a lot a lot of people talk about horsehide from other brands. The dudes in in the leather jacket thread when talking about sandro or attachment or mmm don't mention the super stiff 'armor' like quality of calf like toj owners do if that helps at all. I'd be interested in someone whose felt toj calf and toj horsehide and what those differences are
To the dude was looking for a slim collared Moto, just found this option from schott. https://www.schottnyc.com/products/cowhide-fitted-retro-jacket.htm?catID=5
That's ok still gorgeous. Thank you!
Edit: double
I was going to pick up another long sleeve tee or two in the next few days, should I wait for the new video to come out or will that info only affect new items from here on out?
That grey lamb Moto with the mismatched zips was back in July I thought
Bingo. Beautiful stacks imo 
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