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Did any more jackets come through this project? I just wanted to see more pictures of dope jackets
Also just to give a shoutout to wvg, their tees are really soft and drapey and slim fitting, idk when the next preorder will be but if you're a rewards member it's mto so you can add length as needed. I personally find they fit about an inch and a half longer than uniqlo tees in the same size and for me they're perfect
There's still a code for 20% off
you have a pair of their denim, right? googled the brand and saw an old post of yours. Still feel the same about construction (you said it was pretty bad iirc)? I honestly like their panelling and details more than other brands but unsure if I'll make the purchase 
mto indigo overdye came in and it is fantastic. Love the color/fit.    Sorry for the shitty pic, there is no place where I live that has decent lighting for fit pics   
The black goat on that A2 seriously looks wonderful. The belted DR also looks great. Love the snaps on the epaulettes and I'm guessing black snaps on the belt loops? 
This happened to me - for whatever reason whatever UPS sees (in terms of you paying duty fees) at their Kentucky headquarters isn't immediately (hell, even in the span of 12 hours) available to the drivers. I called UPS to pay the fees as soon as they showed up and the driver still didn't have any record of me paying the duties and said a check would be needed to get the item. I just didn't take the shoes and then called UPS a few more times to make SURE the order went...
I really loved the tracker, that coat in black is really what I'm looking for in a winter garment right now. The only thing I have right now in that price range is my Schott jacket which I sat on for nearly a year before buying. Not that every purchase has to take that long to decide but I'm not in the financial position at the moment to spend that kind of money without really thinking it through.  Hopefully at some point it may still be available if enough orders come in!...
if it was delivered then no 
Also for anyone who didn't get one the fit on last year's henleys were fantastic, and so were the details. Plan on getting one or two more
New Posts  All Forums: