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Looking at buying a pair of nonnative high tops, what sort of quality should I expect? Also sizing, how would they fit to jack purcells?   Same question with Junya watanabe high tops
Sifr, Fir running shoe.  
Beau has 100 off your first order so that's 35 for a made to measure shirt. Don't know about the quality but I took the chance.
Doesn't sound like it's going to happen but I would buy one!
Extra 20% off at opening ceremony with LASTHURRAH20
^Thanks might just buy it then. been trying to find a casual jacket since I missed out on the Apolis french work jacket. should've bought it when I had the chance
Frances May has deeper discounts on some PE apparel xs stuff are still available.    Really tempted to get the unconstructed blazer in a 36. I read something that his arms are cut a bit wide?  I fit well into a thom browne 0 jacket, j crew ludow 36s are boxy on me.   How do does PE jackets fit overall? 
I recently bought a pair of (I think) ST double black from bergdorf goodman. It only had the price tag so I am a bit unclear which they are. I assume so because it has the black leather tab. Don't really care because they fit and feel like a dream, way better than my APC PS.    Anyways, I am wondering if I need to give them a soak before I wear them or not. 
Same if anyone has this jacket in an XS, pm me
just heard about this John Doe Shoes. Goodyear welted, leather lined, full grain leather for $135 shipped. Seems too good to be true
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