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Beau has 100 off your first order so that's 35 for a made to measure shirt. Don't know about the quality but I took the chance.
Doesn't sound like it's going to happen but I would buy one!
Extra 20% off at opening ceremony with LASTHURRAH20
^Thanks might just buy it then. been trying to find a casual jacket since I missed out on the Apolis french work jacket. should've bought it when I had the chance
Frances May has deeper discounts on some PE apparel xs stuff are still available.    Really tempted to get the unconstructed blazer in a 36. I read something that his arms are cut a bit wide?  I fit well into a thom browne 0 jacket, j crew ludow 36s are boxy on me.   How do does PE jackets fit overall? 
I recently bought a pair of (I think) ST double black from bergdorf goodman. It only had the price tag so I am a bit unclear which they are. I assume so because it has the black leather tab. Don't really care because they fit and feel like a dream, way better than my APC PS.    Anyways, I am wondering if I need to give them a soak before I wear them or not. 
Same if anyone has this jacket in an XS, pm me
just heard about this John Doe Shoes. Goodyear welted, leather lined, full grain leather for $135 shipped. http://www.johndoeshoes.com/shoes/ Seems too good to be true
I ordered a XS and can't return. oh well   For future reference how does band of outsiders shirts fit relative to w+h?
Trying to move away from club monaco, gap and other mall brands.   I ordered a Wings + Horns ocbd from Gilt on impulse. it was like 40 bucks shipped. It said imported but I assumed it was made in Canada, am I right to assume this?    is it cut well, I am pretty darn skinny. 5'5" 120lb. even j crew shirts need to be tailored for me.   good call to buy or no? 
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