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  The suit is most flattering to a lean figure, it's just true. A guy like in stitches, someone who knows how to dress, would look better if a little leaner. Ogretrix, on the other hand, is bad with colors and has cheapish looking suits.   As for the jennycraig comment, look to the avatar...Gibson don't care, Mel wants war
  I found this effusive outpouring of affection to be quite funny! Not to say that an affected style of dress cannot look nice, but in the end, it is still affected. Although if someone likes that sort of thing, then it works. I looked at some of Tibor's posts and he dresses well, his fits are good. I would feel a little self conscious with a hat like that, but then again my line of work doesn't allow for that kind of independence in sartorial matters.    On to in...
This 150+ year ago rule that you have created, is this based on your broad religious architectural knowledge? I don't like the cut of your jib, keep your puny lapels and skin tight trousers away from my peoples. 
  Too many words, and, in the end, it isn't even true. Many nice museums used to be old buildings or historical architecture...say the Hagia Sophia.   Lots of new museums are made by brands and use starchitects...they are still intended to be statements, like religious architecture might be, but are usually not so good at displaying art anyways. So it is not just the case that museums need to display things and hence are bound to be less aesthetically pleasing. 
What exactly is 'Jewish architecture'? Aside from it hardly existing, what do you imagine the source of this melancholy to be... the Holocaust? Sometimes cliches make me giggle, Maman's Jewish food is made with tears.   Has anyone been to Koldinghus??     I think it is a nice restoration.
I have a parka for unbearably cold weather, but of course I do not find it very attractive. The single breasted topcoats I have are too light for the stinging cold, so I need a double breasted heavy coat like a British warm.   But O'Connell's seem to rather too bland. The BB is fine, just exorbitantly expensive, and I'd feel like a sucker if I bought that--plus it doesn't appear to be very warm.   The crombie is good, a little much with the ulster collar but I...
I agree with you about the slim fit, I thought the same.  Since I am looking for warmth, I'll continue searching for something from maybe O'Connell's.  I did sense that the officer's coat might be a little costumey, but it is pretty close to authentic military designs so maybe it is passable--I'm unsure.   Thanks for your expert advice! 
I'd give you a B...for boring. Suits can make a man look handsome and some suits can make a man look like he's wearing a uniform...all the looks on this page remind me of the latter
No one interested in helping a poor soul like me?
Hello everyone, I was hoping to get your opinions on a greatcoat. Ideally, I would have one made for me, but I usually buy RTW for coats and shoes and go bespoke only for my jackets and suits. I know of the O'Connell British warm, the BB officer's coat, and the Crombie greatcoat. Here are the options I was able to find:
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