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I found these on Jack Threads. They look pretty good for the price. What do you guys think? I'm more of a bargain hunter than a stylish chap. http://www.***********.com/sales/9051/products/97433
What do you guys run in?
I run about 3 miles a day. I'm considering switching to Vibram's Five-Fingered Series. I've read that it takes a few weeks to adjust to the shoes, but I'm excited. Has anybody used them before? What do you think of them?
There are some sweet bow ties from LA on sale for $20 each:   Here they are:   Here's the voucher:                              
I studied psychology and anthropology for two years as an undergrad. Then I transferred to a small seminar-based creative writing program within the same school.    As a graduate, I studied journalism.   Now, I'm in advertising.   Do what you love to do at the moment. Take whatever you learn forward with you. Don't be afraid to change your course. Don't be afraid to break the rules and make your own.
Recently, I've been thinking there's something secretly sloppy about boxers, but I'm still wearing them. What do you fellows think? What do you wear?
What do you think of Panda Sunglasses? I work for the Daily Hookup. We feature deals that are usually 30-60% off. Right now, we're selling Panda. Their high-end sunglasses with bamboo frames.
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