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Chili McGregors. Compared to the old chili they are not as orange but more brown tints. Really love the color and fit similar to my strands
McGregor in chili look really good. However the seconds pricing really isn't that great when you compare firsts rda for about $50 more. Honestly there are only a few deals on the shoebank that make it a great deal to firsts.
Here is my baby.  Love the cream and blue hand combo!  Keep the others coming    
  That looks like the Seiko Spark to me.  Its a JDM model.  SCVS013   It was a hot seller when it was still being made.  Great watch for under $500.  You might be able to find them pre loved if you search around.   I personally love the Seiko SARB line being made today.  
Atlanta Georgia.  The Lenox mall has them.   I knew the sale was happening today so I checked online and no AE were listed.  The sales rep in the store said that not all stores carry them and they don't sell them online.   
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Finally got around to my first post.  Got my first real pair of Allen Edmonds today!  I have some Brooks Brother shoes made by AE but stoked about the Strand purchase.   For those of you who have a Macy's that carries AE's there is a good sale right now (when don't they have a  sale).  I just picked up my pair of brand new Walnut Strands for $207.   Now to save for the next pair...
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