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 Originally Posted by Timbaland I'll look into it, thanks. I'm assuming all the leather bracelets on like Need Supply are for surfer bros, because that's the vibe I get.Example:
  Is there anywhere online I can send an American Apparel design template and get ONE shirt custom printed or is ordering in bulk my only option?
I want to accessorize a little more. I wear a watch a lot of the time, but there are times where I think that makes me look a little too stuffy or uptight no matter what else I'm wearing. Any suggestions for other accessories for men, particularly wristwear? 
I've got a big nose and a round face, what style glasses would be good for my face? Any thicker rimmed glasses? Also who makes the best glasses up to like, 200 dollars at the moment?
Does this shirt run big for a size L, based on the measurements?
Does this shirt run big based on its measurements?
Are Rag & Bone shirts supposed to run FUCKING HUGE? Just got one off ebay, labeled "small pinstripe trail shirt", and it's the biggest size large I've ever worn. It honestly fits like an XL. Follow up, would a tailor be able to do anything with this?
Anyone know if they're still taking orders?
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