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 Some of the recent dark brown from Vass has been very mottled, even more so than what I've seen from Lobb. It's hit or miss, as it's done by hand, and every piece is different. On another note, when I've ordered wallets in Museum, the artisan was receptive to picking a part of the hide with the most distinct mottling. I wonder if Vass would offer the same courtesy if one was to ask?
I think the only issue might be the dust which settled on the bloom over time, so the bloom darkens. Hopefully I can brush it out, and I'll give the hairdryer a shot as well. (Deerbone as a last resort)
Any suggestions for getting some bloom buildup out of whiskey cordovan? When new the shoes bloomed for 6 months or so, buffing/cleaning compulsively couldn't quite keep the bloom away. Reno as a cleaner/damp cloth can't quite get it out, was wondering if a deer bone might help? Given it's oily and it has the abrasive characteristic I was thinking it might be a good option for removing the residue from the leather surface. Cheers for any advice.
Didn't you order those in February?
I can make cordovan look this way, but the next wears will have lots of bloom for sure. Any suggestions? FYI I use reno every 25-30 wears, and polish once in a blue moon.
Why the sale?
Meant to post these a while ago:   Vass Budapest Blutcher, U Last, Dark Brown Museum, 43, Regular Width - Color is much more muted in normal conditions, but in diffused sunlight, the color really shines through. Very happy (: The museum leather is distinctly different than Llcea, and I have grown to appreciate it. Reminds me of Cleverley Bourbon.        
I'd like to see grey as well. I tried to get pictures of the grey leather prior to ordering my pair, but never got anywhere. Ended up with dark brown museum, should arrive next week (3 months wait now apparently).
Museum colors have been available, but from different suppliers, ie, bonaudo, hass, etc. llcea may be back this year but in the meantime it's unpredictable. I'm waiting for a pair of dark brown museum right now, who produced the leather is anyone's guess at this point.
I take 43 in u and rain, and have both in cordovan. The u last fits better and is much more comfortable. The carmina cordovan is also much thicker, and the sole is much stiffer. Could just be the particular hide/sole, but I'd go vass any day over carmina. Yes, more expensive but still. Quality of vass is pretty remarkable.
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