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Quote: Originally Posted by kolecho Both are fabulous colours. I think London tan ages nicer, while chestnut looks just right at the get go. In the end, go with what speaks to you. Many who polled have probably never seen the colours you are asking about in the flesh. I would trust your own eyes and intuition rather than depend on this poll. I agree it is very helpful to see the colors in person. I had a briefcase made by SAB and they...
I bought peccary gloves from the fellow in Peru...no major complaints, but they do have a somewhat "waxy" feel to the leather. The peccary gloves I have from Ben Silver are better (but more expensive).
Sounds like I'm out of luck!
I really like these shoes: http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-3800-KITON-2...QQcmdZViewItem However, I think they may be too large for me. I've never tried on Kiton's before. I wear 8E (UK sizing) in Edward Green and 8.5D (US sizing) in Alden. The seller claims 42.5 is equivalent to US 8.5, but from what I've read it may be closer to US 9. Any ideas as applied to these Kiton's? I've asked him to send me the measurements.
Wouldn't have guessed that shade of green would work but it does on him. http://bp0.blogger.com/_qjpwnPW4c1o/.../MoryColor.jpg
Yes--once they didn't have the product advertised but three or four other purchases without a problem.
This prompted a Google search on my part. "Jason King" was a short-lived television show (English, I think) starring Peter Wynarde in 1971. The protagonist was a jet-setting womanizer while the star (Peter Wynarde) was actually homosexual.
That look is scrumtrulescent.
I had a custom lid-over attache made by Swaine Adeney and had my name embossed on the front, above the handle but under the closed lid, so my name is only seen when the lid is open. It is impressed onto the leather without gold leaf or other hightlights and so is quite subtle. Swaine told me they could do initials at any point, but could only emboss an entire name before the leather was stitched together into the case (which makes me think you will have more luck having...
When I wear my suit of the same fabric I typically wear a white shirt, dark green tie, solid gray socks, and dark brown shoes. The windowpane is bold enought by itself. With that said, I like his socks.
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