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For sale, like-new 26" Hartmann Wings hard-sided pullman suitcase. As you can see from this link the suitcase sold for about $1800. If you check the official Hartmann website, you will see the Wings hardsided suitcases are gone. I confirmed with the company that they have been discontinued, so this may be one of your last chances to get one! Beautiful case, like new, only used 2-3 times, no damage. Asking $699...
Ben Silver has some stuff in the ballpark.
I gave up back-pocket wallets several years ago. I wear a suit every day and carry a green alligator checkbook wallet made my John Woodward in the breast pocket, similar to the link but alligator inside and out. I don't carrry a checkbook in it but have plenty of cards, bills, etc to fill it up.
I'm having a bespoke overcoat made with a belted back like this one on Sartorialist. It has the double pleats at the sides but not the deep center-pleat-type-thing. Question: Should this coat have a center vent? (Its too late to make a deep center-pleat-type-thing!) My inclination is no. Thoughts?
There is an eyeglass maker in Paris who uses real tortoise...old shells collected before the ban. They have "dispensation" from the French government to continue making new pieces from the old shells. I emailed him about the legality of having glasses made there and imported to the US and he wouldn't tell me...just referred me to his website which doesn't specifically address the issue. Based upon this and further reading I was quite certain it is illegal to import...
Agree Samuelsohn is much superior to Coppley.
If the lapels were normal I'd wear it with gray flannels, an open neck white dress shirt (no tie), and brown loafers. Not to work though.
I bought a used but nearly mint double breasted Kiton suit off ebay at a great price...something like $150 bucks. The seller then emailed me and said "I'm very sorry, I just got it back from the cleaners and they ruined it, the lapels are all screwed up, you won't want the suit." I told him to ship it, and if I agreed it was ruined I would send it back. To his credit he sent the suit, and it was perfect, nothing wrong with the lapels.
Quote: Originally Posted by mhdena I always thought the hat should be the same color of the top coat. Brown pants = brown shoes I disagree that brown pants demand brown shoes. Black shoes often work well with brown. This seems to be an age-old debate as there is a nice 1930s Esquire with an illustration of an elegant man wearing a brown suit and black shoes, making the point that the combination works. Too much brown in one outfit = UPS man.
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