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I like everything about it, especially the choice of green pocket square, although it is displayed more flambouently than I would choose.
Yes, 42R.
Own two pair, love them (wearing a pair right now), would have purchased the ones you reference if the size was right.
Regarding styling of the coat, it is much better than Oxxford. I told Crit with no offense intended that despite the phenomenal craftsmanship in Oxxford I've never been satisfied with the styling...their newer attempts to court younger buyers didn't work for me..thin coats with too much shoulder padding and too high button stance (Radcliff)...versus the Manhattan with a soft shoulder but too low gorge and armholes. When I have Oxxfords made I use a soft Manhattan...
I'm a 42R, live in Cincinnati, know Trevor Furbay, and have tried on the coat! I own and enjoy coats and suits by RLPL, Attolini, Kiton, and Borrelli. The coat is beautifully styled (soft shoulders, high gorge, perfectly placed button stance, excellent lapel roll) and very well made. Crit was at the store when I tried it on...the information he provided that surprised me was that the coat was made without a canvas. The coat is partially lined with self-same wool...
Except for the sneakers, I like the look a lot, including the tie.
Had my first MTM suit done by Noble house some years ago. I look upon it as a learning experience, albeit a more expensive learning experience than I prefer. Service was reasonable, but suit quality poor, at least compared to a maker like Samuelsohn that only costs a little more. Would not recommend them.
Last price cut, then off to Ebay! Now $450 plus $50 shipping.
Price cut! Now $599 plus $50 shipping continental US.
If I hit the lottery I might buy one of these (vintage Prince Brancard)
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