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A vintage croc covered thermos.
Final price reductions on the Gladstone bags. Bag #1 now $350 plus shipping. Bag #2 now $300 plus shipping.
Final price cut on the briefcases. Now $275 plus shipping.
Price cut on the briefcases. Now $350 plus shipping.
Price cut! Bag #1 now $400 plus shipping. Bag #2 now $350 plus shipping.
Quote: Originally Posted by mmhollis Any weekenders in the inventory? Listed a few small Gladstone bags in another thread. Also willing to sell this larger Gladstone (suitable for a long weekend rather than a day or two, too big for an airplane overhead). About 22" long. Relined in gray windowpane wool (not the dingy fabric seen in the photo). Aksing $550 plus $50 shipping.
Quote: Originally Posted by gqreader239 wow steep price for unmarked piece. gl selling it. I've actually found many of the best vintage English pieces are unmarked. Of course there are good high profile names like Finnigan's, John Pound, etc, but many great pieces have no maker listed. Also, compare prices to a new Swaine (or Brooks Brothers) case with no patina. To each his own preference!
Here are two vintage English Gladstone bags for sale. Same general terms as outlined in my vintage briefcases thread. 1. Small Gladstone bag #1. Good for most airlines (should fit in overhead bins). Ideal for an overnight trip (can fit two pairs of pants, a shirt, underclothes, socks, pajamas, and a light pair of shoes). Too small for a longer trip. Measures 19" x 12" x 10". Asking $450 plus $50 shipping continental US. 2. Small Gladstone bag #2. Also easily...
I collect vintage luggage and leather goods, but my apartment is filling up, so I'm offering some items for sale if there is interest. I would accept money order, check, or Paypal, but would request a 4% premium for Paypal users to cover cost. All of the items are vintage, originally from England. If there are other requests (like suitcases) I can look through my inventory! 1. Leather briefcase, well respected maker called Landsownes, dimensions 17.5" x 13" x 5". ...
I have a purple gingham shirt which I wear with a solid dark green grenadine tie and a medium gray sportscoat. Should also work with a navy suit.
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