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I also noticed Don's sportscoat. There are lots of style differences between season one and season two...it seems to me the producers are emphasing the passage of time rather heavily, perhaps by moving fashions forward faster than the calendar might justify. (An example is the fellow with the African-American girlfriend--he went from looking fairly straight-laced in season one to looking like a proto-hippie in season two). Unfortunately, given history, the wardrobes on...
I'm a definite fan of Derek Rose satin stripe cotton pajamas, such these, which I own. http://www.derek-rose.com/ProductInf...GIMENTAL/1PBOG The quality is excellent.
Great read!
I'd definitely wear it (with gray flannels).
I haven't been to Ramundo and Sons. They are a different establishment than Ramundo on Mt. Lookout Square
I've been to Hyde Park Tailors. Nice guy. However I think Ramundo is tops, esp. if you know what you want. Personally, off the rack suits in RLPL or Attolini fit me well so I don't have many "custom" suits made. I'll sometimes have MTM suits by Oxxford or Sameulsohn done by Hunt Club Clothiers downtown. I've had Ramundo make me bespoke overcoats and jackets and a robe. For a really good handmade buttonhole go to Kim's Custom Tailors in Blue Ash (I have some...
I like it a lot. However I think bluchers harmonize better with odd trousers.
1. Ramundo's on Mount Lookout Square (Delta Ave). Great tailor. 2. Romualdo's in Madeira. They don't do true custom (bespoke) tailoring but do MTM and good alternations. Talk to Trevor, the owner, a great guy.
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf Looks pretty interesting. Where is it available and do they do an MTM? Thanks for the review A Harris, great job! I asked Critt about cut-make-trim when he was in Cincinnati a few months ago. Unfortunately, he said it wasn't an option (at that point, at least). I doubt MTM is an option, either. I was very impressed with the quality of the garment for the price but the fabric selection was somewhat...
Quote: Originally Posted by rssmsvc It is the real deal, RLPL uses different types of cashmere in it's items. Their summer cashmere is very , very light and the winter stuff can be as much as 18oz. It always feels different cashmeres from other vendors like Kiton/Oxxford. I don't mean this in a bad way, the RLPL stuff seems fluffier but lighter while the Kiton/Oxxford cashmeres seem thinner but heavier. I've noticed the same thing about RLPL...
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