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I view spectator shoes outside the golf course as costume. When I look at photos of well dressed men from the 1930s the one thing I consistently dislike is the frequency with which spectator shoes were worn.
Quote: Originally Posted by Young Pro I will be commissioning a MTM Samuelsohn corduroy jacket in the next few weeks, and wanted to get the opinions of the esteemed SF community of styling details. - Colour: I'm debating between a chocolate brown and a rich golden tan colour. Thoughts on versatility? - Fabric: If anyone has any specific fabrics I should look at, please let me know. I'm thinking of the LP Zealander collection as a start. -...
Price cut. Suitcase #1 now $100 plus shipping. Suitcase #2 $150 plus shipping. Both are substantially larger than attaches.
Vintage croc.
From what I have read once croc or alligator is dried out there is nothing you can do to revitalize it. However, it may be worth contacting Modern Leather Goods to see if anything can be done (they are good). They may want you to send the bag in to be inspected.
I'm trying to make more room in my apartment so I'm offering two vintage leather suitcases for sale: Suitcase #1 was made by the venerable firm Finningan's. Great patina. Generally good condition with mild bowing of the lid and some staining of the interior (seen in pic). Dimensions 24" x 14" x 6" Asking $150 plus $50 shipping in the continental US. Suitcase #2 was made by Boswell of Oxford. Great dark color and patina, pefect size for short trips. Lovely brass...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDaniels What would be the appropriate thing to wear? Wear your dignity, freedom, and self-reliance. Then toss them in the grave and put on one of these.
Vintage, English.
The Mad Men sketch on SNL was a real disappointment but Don's guide to picking up women was great.
I wear a suit or sportscoat with tie six days a week, not on Sunday unless working. (I usually stop by the office on Saturday). I am sort of known as "the guy who wears a suit". However I'm in my mid-30s, have a full time white collar job, and when I go out its usually to a nice restaurant or high end bar rather than a club where a suit might seen very out of place. For a younger person (? college student), perhaps a frequent sportcoat without tie?
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