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Price cut to $250 plus shipping.
Small vintage English crocodile attache/briefcase for sale. No maker's mark. Dimensions 16" x 10" x 2.75". Crocodile in excellent condition. Asking $300 plus $30 shipping in the continental US.
A vintage English leather suitcase for sale, made by the venerable firm Finningan's. Great patina, actual color slighly darker than seen in the photos. Very good condition with excellent dark green leather lining. Dimensions 26" x 14" x 7" Asking $250 plus $50 shipping in the continental US.
During the last Polo sale in Dec. 2008 I corresponded with a store about purchasing a solid navy RLPL suit at the 30% off (sale price). I could not add on any additional discounts. As the retail was > $4000 the sale price would have been around $3000, so ultimately I didn't buy.
1925-1938 for the clothing, furniture, art, and lifestyle (among the wealthy). 2009 for the dental care and puncture resistant auto tires.
I have a 100% cashmere RLPL suit that I've owned about 3 years. The cashmere is relatively heavy, and has a certain "fluffiness" I've found in other RLPL cashmere goods. I wear it once every 2-3 weeks from mid-fall through early spring. So far (knock on wood) no appreciable wear or problems with the coat or the pants. The pants do "bag" fairly quickly and need a press more often than my other suits.
I propose a ban on the word "shirting(s)", unless it is spoken by someone wearing a monocle.
I have no problem with the size of the houndstooth--I have a suit with a houndstooth pattern almost exactly the same size and its great as a "casual" suit. What won't work well is the color scheme...three colors instead of two. My suit is just dark grey and medium gray.
I have seen this label before and owned a suit with I recall it was the precursor to RLPL--so it is an old suit, but also higher quality than Blue Label.
Quote: Originally Posted by Catechumen Subscribed the first year and never renewed. It was just kind of blah - I'm not sure it knew what kind of magazine it wanted to be. Was not particulalry pleased about Obama and Edwards on the covers (with articles) without any attempt to cover more conservative voices. I guess I wasn't in there there target market - and their marketing strategy worked - I didn't renew. Agree entirely, and I also failed...
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