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I bought it from an English seller. Probably made in the 1920s. Well known maker. Incredible bag, you got a great deal assuming you are large and strong enough to carry it around when it is full!
The bag is now sold.
Sold, thanks.
Last price cut, now $375 plus shipping.
Final price $450 plus shipping.
Price cut. Now $425 plus shipping.
Price cut again! Now $550 plus shipping.
Price cut. Now $500 plus shipping.
Incredible, large, English, pigskin Gladstone bag or kit bag by renowned maker Drew and Sons. In excellent condition for age, leather lined. 26" long x 14" high (not counting handles) x 15" wide. The bag has straps that aren't shown in the photos--they are vintage, not original to the bag, but match very well. LAST PRICE CUT--now $450 plus $100 shipping in the US (if actual insured shipping via UPS is less I will refund the difference).
Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat Who made this? Don't know. Vintage piece from England.
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