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These were part of a special LVC line of replicas from their archives that they accumulated throughout the years.   If memory serves, these were called the "Earl" after the motorcycle rider the original allegedly belonged to. That also explains all the crotch work/ reinforcement.   Size 38W X 36 inseam.   These things have been with me a long time and it is hard for me to part with them but I need the space in the closet.
Bought these years ago when the label still said "Rue De Fleurus Paris". Cannot recall exactly how many but wash about a handful of times.   Rescue was the loosest straight leg fit.
I picked these up at their store in Daikanyama (or Ebisu, unsure about the boundaries) when I was travelling in Japan last year but they really do not fit me so I am sad to have to sell them.   Anyway, tag says 34X31 but they're more like a 32X31 with a really low rise and really slim fit, tapered at the bottom. The price is still on the tag and at the time, 10,500 JPY was about $125 USD.   Let me know if you are interested or need more pictures.
Bought these from the Meat Packing District flagship store in NYC a few years back. Worn sparingly.  Size 31 Waist (real waist closer to 32). Relatively low rise. About 32.5 inch inseam Washed twice.
Hello All,   Long time lurker, first time poster. But I recently got into the custom-made clothing game and I got a batch of "slim" fitting shirts made and I'm wondering if I should have them altered.   This was just sort of a test batch, to get a fit down. Consisted of some whites, blues and (don't ask me why, but it actually turned out quite attractive) grey shirt. I get any alterations I want gratis until I iron down a fit, so it's just a matter of deciding...
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