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Am I crazy or did the warzone oxford price go up by $20? What's that about?
Was there any explanation for the holdup? It's been one month since I placed my order, and I've heard nothing.
No. I ordered on February 4th and I'm still waiting on shipping confirmation. I have no clue what's going, but it is frustrating to know that people who ordered weeks after me have received shipping confirmation.
I'm in the same boat, my friend. Considering I've never ordered from him before, I'm not as understanding about nearly four weeks going by without having received my order or an e-mail explaining why I haven't received it. I hope to hear something soon, but considering I ordered on February 4th, I'm not really sure what to expect. 
I'm sorry that you're having to wait too, but it's good to know it's not just me. I guess I'll be twiddling my thumbs a little while longer.
I'm in the U.S. and haven't even heard about whether it's shipped. I can't imagine what's taking so long to respond to at least one of my e-mails.
Has anyone who ordered since February 4 received confirmation of shipment or heard from Jamison about their order? I've reached out to him over five times in the last two weeks and haven't gotten a response yet. I'm starting to get a little nervous.
Nice fit! What type of collar did you order?
What type of collar did you ask for? It is absolutely beautiful!
Are these MTO or did you simply ask if they had the double monks in light brown suede?
New Posts  All Forums: