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just got that grey pinstripe Lazio.  Looks sharp, but I needed a few adjustments.  I am waiting for the new york store to ship it to me (should be here saturday).  again, I cannot say enough good things for lennox who helped in there.  
Seems that way, but that was the first time I have ever been in one of their stores.  I also tried on a grey sport coat that I liked, but couldn't locate it online to show the wife.   I am pretty sure it was the Havana (half lined, wool with a rounded pocket).  It was not beige.
Went to Suitsupply last Tuesday in NYC.  after asking for a salesman to help me, I received great service and the salesman was very knowledgeable.  He dug around and found suits that fit me almost perfectly off the rack.  He recommended a few alterations that I agreed with and I should received the suit in sometime next week.  I was really pleased with the fit and the service for a $469 suit.
Is BB quality not very good? I bought 3 shirts and 3 socks about a month ago.   On one shirt a collar stay went into the shirt and is now lost in there (the stitching in the shirt wasnt competent) and on all of the socks (horizontal stripped) the stripes dont match up in the back. I didnt notice it when I was in the store (folded).    No this was not at an outlet store.
Get set - Looks like you got better responses on flyertalk.   good luck and I second a $100 or less type watch.
Update to my post a week or so ago. I wore the strands in my office as directed by the manager at my local store.  However, the cork footbed never conformed to my feet and the large ridge remains in both shoes (right worse than left).  Hopefully the next pair will be a better fit.  (i was sized by the manager of the store before we ordered the shoes).  
The IWC Portuguese is a gorgeous watch. I need to wait till after bonus season, but its on the list.  that or a submariner, a watch that has grown on me of late.
Dino1944 - do you have a preference of one model over the other?   
althanis - I have recently read that strengthening the muscles in the hips (runnersworld) does more to help/stop IB issues than stretching.  Anecdotal evidence - it has helped mine.
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