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I'd imagine vanson/ aero make some armored models
Synth looks great, and (I think) really sums up why a smaller shoulder is great- it'll bring in the bicep by decreasing the armhole, and you can already see how it looks overextended.
The daredevil refers to the first iteration of the SF rider- with wide shoulders. The slim it daredevil refers to the narrower shoulders and shorter arms version coming.
They're the same- i don't think people decided on a name, that's just what tb listed it as. Would still support Parker designing a special tag...
Rnbman- try reading what TB said. The current fit has the wider shoulders. The slimmer fit has narrower shoulders. We're just changing the shoulder width. This is neither difficult nor confusing. The standard fit is the wider shoulders, and is available now. It's the same for as junya jackets. The slim fit is the styleforum version and has narrowed shoulders, narrower than the junya jacket.
Nevermind. Better clarification above
The smartest people buy nib secondhand due to sizing mistakes, wear for a little bit until the drops are gone, then sell for half cost as "plenty of life left"
Notwithit with the best post in ages
I'm just super confused, because no one cares if most of the people posting in here look sexy. Seriously, titanium inserts and rubber drips and piss-yellow shoes and cuban heels and gel-painted work boots is not sexy. It can be awesome, but it's not sexy. So why is it that whenever a women's outfit gets posted, someone comments on sexiness?
I don't think it's jeans and aldens- I think its the Nudies in particular. They look short and wide to my eye, and it's why NN's untucked + aldens works better
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