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Dear Greg, It would be really cool if there was a black austerity wingtip from Vass available, also a black PTB would be cool. Some of us hate colors.
This isn't plain english. Do they require that you send it back within 14 days of dispatch date? That they receive it within 14 days? That you notify them? This is anything BUT plain english. As it reads, or at least as you've copied it, it says that they will refund of exchange anything purchased within 2 weeks of their dispatching. i.e. anything that's shipped within 2 weeks of purchase can be refunded. So no, the site isn't clear. 
TTO- that waistcoat is awesome
Just shhhh. You're all idiots sometimes, get over it. And stop shitting up a good thread.
I'm a standard-wide 9.5 (take 9 in Barrie, 9 in chucks, 9.5 in Allen Edmonds, 9 in carmina, 42 in MA+, 42 in IS) and I took a 43 in my 995s.
1 size off- otherwise tempting...
Absolutely gorgeous, shape, incredibly thick, resilient calf, and an awesome treatment. They're been worn heavily, but are in very very good shape, and should last you years to come.    Fit slightly large, would fit 42 well with thick socks/ thicker insole (I'm using a very thin one) or a 42.5 with a thinner insole.    Deep grey color with green/ bronze tinge from the gel. Wouldn't sell, but as I need to dress more professionally these days, treated workboots are not...
Those austerity wingtips are gorgeous
Oh shit, dat Chet shirt is carrying him to the fuckin' top. 
Anyone know how to size Kiwi sandals? I'm a big 9/ a smaller 9.5...
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