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He got dem velcros
Not a damn thing in this genre is "timeless" or "classic." Sometimes that's ok. 
Anyone have any experience with the new ocbd collar?
Gary, I am also interested in the fabrics available for the belted shawl-collar, if you know them
Those are hideous
Fucking love vanda - not as business-stodgy as Drakes, and they just feel nice.
My only caution would be that they snap laces like a motherfucker. I go through a pair of laces every 2-3 mo.
Mine are horse, and they're fantastic- I've no idea if thee are other versions, and having never owned another pair of MA+, have no clue what they'd be like.
If it stretches it will be in useful ways- don't size down and wait for stretch, buy the right size and let it stretch where needed. This isn't APC sizing.
Those are both a size too small at least. You're a big guy, buying an expensive leather. Don't try for the sausage casing look.
New Posts  All Forums: