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Smelllikemoneyhoney. Pure class, he ain't crass.  No but seriously, that's some ugly branding on those. 
Really bored with "heritage, made in America, small family company, old designs renewed etc." It's almost as bad as "MTO shirts! Your best shirt fit! We offer better shirts that you will love!" 
Stitchy, that suit fabric is incredible.
I always this of it as synth-ess
Are clever real name puns good? It's too try hard, isn't it.T.T
I like comparing brand names that are try-hard to usernames that are try-hard
I want to give a public thanks to NMWA- I've had two silly problems, of different scales, and Greg and Kyle have been incredibly flexible, accommodating, and generous in all of my dealings with them, and have made sure I've ended up happy every time.    So thanks guys, you're awesome. 
  New stuff up on Peir's site- this coat is my favorite
Sorry for the interruption. Continue with scheduled programming. 
New Posts  All Forums: