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This is an incredible piece of knitwear- almost 3.5 lbs, it's thick, warm, and the knit and color are incredible. No flaws, no snags, just beauty.   Measurements: Shoulder: 17" Chest: 20" Length: 24.5" Sleeve: 26.5"   Price: $300 shipped CONUS
That looks ridiculously good
   Archive basically said "you're not going to get through to MA+," and I tend to believe them. MA+ doesn't have a website, and I've never heard of anyone getting in contact with them for anything but orders. I'm going to take it to a few cobblers in DC and see if they can just re-welt the shoe. If not... that's artisanal quality control for ya 
Called Archive- they say MA+ doesn't do repairs, and don't answer their (Archive's) calls except for order time. Cobbler it is. Anyone know of someone good in DC?
So, for better or worse, I figured out the problem: the welting on the right boot (the boot with a busted toe) is shoddily done, and for a solid few inches does not actually seem to exist on the inner part of the boot. Makes it significantly easier to have the outer, well, do what it did. This is reinforced by the fact that it doesn't seem to have ripped- there are no jagged lines, just a clean edge of the leather with no obvious place the stitching would have...
So... The welting on my side-lace boots is starting to fall apart after less than a year. I'd go back to the store that sold them, but atelier is not there. Any recommendations? Just go to a cobbler?
  This. I want this. 
No. They're just red CCP with other stuff. I'm not particularly enamored of any of them, and I wouldn't wear it, but it's interesting to look at people attempt red shoes in different ways. 
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