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Not to crazy about the single monk style...but the brown tone is insane!! super nice!!! Plus, the blue double monk looks really really nice as well!!! congrats!
Do you mind posting some pics?
Thanks for the pics! They look great. Enjoy!  
  NICE! What last are those on? Olfe or New Rey?
Same here! Really like them and thinking about getting them MTO.   Lucky you! These look really nice!
Did you talk to Meermin about that or did you just get them fixed yourself?
  Thanks for the info! BTW: what's the wating time for these at the moment? did you get any timeframe?
Nice!! But they still have the rubber soles, right?
  Are they MTO? I was thinking of ordering the Classic Collection Suede Double Monks in 10.5 and 11, maybe even add a pair of shoes on the Olfe last while I'm at it to get the size and fit right, then send them back and get them MTO with leather soles, steel caps and LM finishing.
Are they MTO? I was thinking about the Double Monks in Suede. Thought of ordering the Classic Line 10.5 and the 11 to get the size right, send them back, then get the right size as MTO with the LM finish, leather soles and metal caps.
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