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Sporting some cashmere :D       
Greetings from Poland :D   
Casual Friday and some superb cognacs :)           
I instantly fell head over heels in love with this 3 roll 2 cashmere suit. It's a new option that I tried - suit is MTM (no fittings) but the finishing is made by hand making it wear like a bespoke. And you guessed it, the suit together with the Harris Tweed flat cap are inspired by one of my fav Netflix series ;)    So... this weekend, my name is Tom Shelby, and yes, I'm from the Peaky Blinders ;)        via GIPHY       Some more details on construction,...
 I have a cut length of silk velvet from Scabal for a jacket like this and still don't have guts to order it. So envious! You look awesome!!!
DB in PoW flannel - my first MTM suit ever :D      
Meet our insanely beautiful collection of pocket squares inspired by animals inhabiting Polish forests :D  The designs were prepared for us by famous Polish illustrator - Alek Morawski, who put a little bit of fairy tale atmosphere into them.  And so we have a bear, hare, deer and a fox. Have a look :D                        The concept behind the squares is not based on art only. The way I thought about it was to make a very versatile pocket...
My new birdseye sport coat made of Escorial wool :D   
Meeting with SF guys the other day in San Fran :D   
I think my friend wore the stroller for a professional meeting before visiting me at Miler Menswear HQ. He let me know he would wear it so I joined with my morning coat for fun :)
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