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Morning dress :D                     
Houndstooth :D             
I also don't see any reason to take bad pics. But if smn doesn't like it, I don't care. I keep mixing :D :D :D   
  Thanks for saying this :D This is a shooting spot but my workspace will soon look very similar. You can actually have a look here (though it's in Polish): http://milerszyje.pl/nieformalnie-z-krawatem-jak-to-zrobic.html ... and indeed on my Facebook smn posted a picture of Frank Underwood behind his desk in a very similar pose to mine, which made me laugh cuz I love the series :D 
Occasionally, I am a powerdresser :D Apparently that is the only situation when my uncanny abilities to look unfriendly come in handy :P            
Harris Tweed again? Again and again :D   
Common guys, it's still cold ! ;)  
I suppose that you could say I am associated with alcohol industry :D This particular photoshoot was devoted to a new flavor of Somersby cider --> Elderflower and lime and this is what I am holding in my hand:D --> but I didn't want to bother anyone with that.  This is not a three piece. In fact, the waistcoat is buff and the trousers are tobacco brown. I had this waistcoat made to be a part of my morning coat but now that I have noticed it works so well with other...
My new combo with double breasted vest and a whole lot of peak lapels ;) :D         
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