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Beautiful Florence and my new DB summer power suit made of a Reid&Taylor blend of kid mohair and wool. The jacket features a half-lining and a very soft construction based on canvas and a bit of flannel. Sporting it with semi-formal shirt and a cashmere, hand-made 3fold by Miler Menswear :D          Adding a picture of angora goats to attract extra attention when saying that mohair is a truly wonderful fabric for the summer and its wrinkle-resistance is just...
Just a few shots of a combo I wore the other day :D        Also check the fabric wrinkle measurement test Obelix the westie performed for me when I didn't look for no more than 2 minutes. Luckily the mohair did fine and my Pitti suits survived :D What I like about my dog though is that like a real gentleman, he wouldn't lie just on anything :)   
Here is my 'brown in town' outfit :D        And some details ;)   
Switched from light blue to blue shirt in order to keep exploring the low contrast combos :D Enjoying my new, vegetable tanned leather folio too! :D     
Recently in love with low contrast :D   
Herringbone charcoal, blue bengal stripes, large paisley pocket square and some flower-power on my tie :D 
Having fun here :D 
 Thanks a lot Andy :D We have only one westie but it is hardwired in his brain that he rules the world so it's a lot of fun :D Like he's afraid of water but he still wants to eat the duck ;)  
Spring is here!!! Some tweeds in action :D     
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