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Blue flannel SC with green Harris Tweed waistcoat and a green pocket square :)   
Two combos from this week :) First jacket is bespoke while the second one is my first MTM ever :D TBHWY I am quite happy about it :D     
The alcohol concentration in this warehouse was so high that my eyes were watering and we had to wipe the camera after every shot! This is how hard life gets when you drink for living :) 
IMO well-pressed trousers are vital for the suit to look good :D   
 You look great and I am happy that you like it! Cheers! :) 
My wife and me at a wedding party :D      You also have to check the moonwalk I did after a few drams of whisky at that party :D It's here starting at 0:05s (link to Facebook) :) 
Wool & silk SC with my favorite seven fold and a tattersall shirt :D
Haha well I guess that proved me oversensitive  BUT I honestly have to say that I felt true respect for @bry2000 for being able to spot really minor tailoring details - his comment was spot on for my suit ;) 
Interlining is composed of floating canvas with a tiny bit of flannel so indeed very soft a bit shapeless. Most other garments I wear also have horsehair so a lot more shape there. Though shape also comes from the wearer's body so one needs a nice waist to boast a nice waist ;) As for the shoulders, I have to agree, we decreased the padding and this time they don't work so well for me... BTW it's Miler with a single L ;)
Now that combo is a bit busy but I like it anyway :D Meet my new mohair suit made of vintage Scabal coupon. It is not as light as the Reed & Tailor kid mohair DB I showed a few days ago but the it still gives a lot of comfort when worn in high temperatures. I also wear a salmon shirt, which might be slightly inspired by Boardwalk Empire ;) I thought the color would be much more difficult to wear but it seems that when framed by proper color combination, it is not nearly as...
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