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Here is my 'brown in town' outfit :D        And some details ;)   
Switched from light blue to blue shirt in order to keep exploring the low contrast combos :D Enjoying my new, vegetable tanned leather folio too! :D     
Recently in love with low contrast :D   
Herringbone charcoal, blue bengal stripes, large paisley pocket square and some flower-power on my tie :D 
Having fun here :D 
 Thanks a lot Andy :D We have only one westie but it is hardwired in his brain that he rules the world so it's a lot of fun :D Like he's afraid of water but he still wants to eat the duck ;)  
Spring is here!!! Some tweeds in action :D     
 Indeed they don't make them like that any more. The looms are different now and such cloths will never come back.... I am very privileged to have a collection of couple dozens coupons of such fabrics. These are few coupons that I acquired recently:   First one from the left is 100% cashmere. The next three are all wool, very similar in texture and weight to the one I presented (~600g). The most interesting one that I plan to use this winter is the lavender/purple/pinkish...
Thanks a lot! We think that the cloth comes from the 60s. It is approx. 600g/running meter. The only label it carried was "Made in England". You can read more about the suit here --> http://tommiler.com/2016/02/beautiful-ghent-and-pow-vintage-three-piece-suit/ (I hope it's OK to paste the link )
Trying to harness the screaming patterns and turn them into a modest combo :D Is that possible at all? ;) 
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