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Jacket with no lining and ocbd :D  Pictures by K. Łukowicz    
I just happened, I really couldn't help it :P       
I was in a photo shoot for cigars and convinced the photographer to take a few pics of my suit. It is a major step forward for me because I finally resigned from wearing trousers with narrow leg openings. They were so fashionable but so not me :D So I got another pair made for this suit - this time 23 cm :D  I also enlarged my shirt collar a lot :D I already feel I can't help making it even bigger next time :P     
I would only think of this as of a collectible item... there is absolutely no guarantee that such cognac could be good at all.
So I probably should just go and grab one just in case :P Maaaan, I spend all my dough on booze :P 
Seen this in a whisky store in Germany the other day. It was 350 EUR. I don't know a lot about armagnacs but, being expensive, compared to whisky prices, this seems like almost for free :P 
Found this 1L bottle of Heaven Hill in a duty-free for less than 20 EUR. Truly enjoyed the extremely oldschool bottle :D Drank it with a lady so Dr Pepper came into play :P   
That's quite a lot of whisky :D You won't have problems guessing which row is Caol Ila, will you ?   
A few alco-events from last 2 days :D    Sampling for my blog in the evening :D      Westie Obelix helps me drinking :P He was born in Poland but still is more Scottish than all that whisky :P He is a great company for whisky and extremely funny :P And he will always listen ... :P      New baby :D  ...     The Polish team of LVMH gave me this huge bottle of vodka. They asked me to stay safe with it and I took it seriously :P     Also went to a bar...
 I suppose we have to call it Slavic power :P  @Victor --> lot of respect for the extreme pull-ups :D Going to the gym to try'em out today :P
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