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Oh,another thing, any idea where the 641 fits into the Schott equation?
Ok. And when you say "decent leather", what do you mean? I was under the impression that Schott used great leather...
Thanks for the input. I forgot to mention that I will not use the jacket for riding, only for posing. Is it correct that the 654 is the non-riding version of the 141? And that the 141 is much heavier?
Ok,so I am looking to buy a cafe racer that's sleek looking without any extravaganzas. A classic cafe racer, basically. I won't go the MTM route this time around, so I am only looking at RTW jackets. So far, I've been thinking about Schotts 141 or 654. Any comments on these jackets? Or maybe something else that would maybe be an even better purchase? Thanks for your help guys.
I didn't even think of that. Good point. Thanks!
Any thoughts on this K Racer jacket by Belstaff? I think I like it, but I am unsure about the padding on the shoulders...
I think you're actually on to something here. Weren't there two kids showing in the same pic? And aren't Adidas made by kids in third world countries?? Hmmm.... The plot thickens!
Nice!   Whats the jacket's length (BOC)?
A little shoe care today before going back to work tomorrow.
Hey all. I tried asking this in the WAYWARN thread, but no real success. So, here goes again... All comments - positive or negative - are more than welcome.   I need some advice. I'm on the fence about keeping this suit. Mainline Corneliani, got it at a good price from Yoox, but I am a bit unsure about the narrow pinstripe pattern. Any thoughts about the pattern? Or anything else? Is it a keeper?   Thanks.          
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