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That would really surprise me. After all, acne started out its while operation by only making jeans. Also, when going to an official acne store, the denim section takes up a really large part of the store area. Denim is obviously still at the core of the brand imo.
Exactly my thoughts. Wtf.
Shameless plug. I am selling a pair of Ramsey double monks. Priced to sell! http://www.styleforum.net/t/526958/alfred-sargent-exclusive-range-ramsey-model-double-monk-strap-9-uk#post_8594576
So still can't get the tbs codes to work. Anyone else with this problem? Does it work in the eu at all?
Agreed. Its a Barbour jacket. It should get wet when it rains. All of it. That's what it's designed for.
Can't get it to work on apc petit standards. Is apc excluded?
I have the so called cotton hood. New without tags. I will return it to CA for a refund so I guess you're not interested in paying retail (29 gbp) plus shipping for it...
Just to confirm what has been said a few pages back. I've recently had two sizes of the olive Ashby delivered to me from two different retailers (one in Sweden and one in the UK). Both jackets are made in England and both use the same kind of zipper as the classic line coats (YKK 10s).
@An Acute Style love it! I am big a fan of your playful happiness. Also, a bit jealous...
Price drop £200 -> 175!
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