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Why so? Just curious. I also own a FQHH jacket and I can't really think of any other situation that I would wear it than casually...
Incorrect. See SW&D.
Who's RFX?
Any thoughts or experience with this Nonnative rider?    
Is there any reason, beside aesthetics, that this process is used? Does it have any effect on the durability and general quality of the leather?Oh, I guess this means that the Vicenza leather is also FQHH? That's really surprising, since it's a lot thinner than normal FQHH... How is that done?
Great info as always Chris. Thanks. Do you know anything about British horse hide quality wise? I realize this is a pretty broad question, but is horween so much better than others?
Guys, please have a look at the OL leather jacket in the links below. Now, I am not that familiar with FQHH, but my guess is that this jacket is made out it. However, I am not used to seeing as much texture in a FQHH jacket, compared to, say, Aero Leathers. Rather, new FQHH jackets seem to be completely smooth and somewhat shiny. Am I mistaken or is this due to some kind of "distressing"? Or is it some kind of other leather completely that they've used here? Also, It says...
LOL!I've never seen that one before. Instant classic.
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