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 Maybe I will, maybe I will.... 
All sold!
 Haha, I am actually leaning towards U again... 
 Thanks. Unfortunately, almost all of Ascot's images are what I would call "bad", since they are always taken at angles and distances that distorts the proportions of the shoe. 
 Strange, I have been getting bounces too when I tried emailing people at EG the last few days. Maybe it has something to do with their new website or change in IT or something?
 I'd like to know this too. Surprisingly, It is a real b*tch to find pictures, let alone good ones, of the R last online... 
I am doing quite a bit of closet cleaning since I'eve lost a lot of weight over the summer. The bad thing about loosing weight is that almost all of the lovely stuff you have in your wardrobe don't fit anymore... So I have decided to let these great Belvest sport coats go. All are tagged IT50 (US/UK 40) - but some will surely work for a size 52/42. Please check measurements below.  All SCs are in A+ condition (some have never been worn) and have not been altered in any...
   Nope, it's the other way around. The S last has a lower instep than the U.
S last from yesterday.     S last again (center) and of course U to the left and right.  
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