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Actually, I size down to a 38 to make more slim. I normally wear size 40 sport coats and suits, so I guess my regular size in the Beaufort would also be a 40. Sounds more like I might be two sizes up from you then...OK. So if I think that the Ashby in M is just on the verge of being too slim, then an SL Bedale in the same size would be even slimmer and thus too slim? If so then a size 40 (L) might be the best way to go.My intention is to use the SL during spring, early...
Thanks for your input. So, as I understand it, your recommendation would be to go a size up from my Beaufort size, to a 40" (size L) in the SL Bedale?
Hey guys, I am trying to figure out my size in the SL Bedale. Although it was very trim fit on me, I think the Ashby in size M would be the correct size for me. I also wear a size 38 in the Beaufort and Border, but I guess those models don't say much about what size I should go for in the SL Bedale... Thanks for your help! Cheers Edit: just to clarify, I am a bit worried that a size M SL Bedale will be too slim fitting... Or maybe I am wrong?
Hey,   I am selling this great staple overcoat due to weight loss. This is the recent "Howard" model, made by Corneliani in Italy for PRL. It is tagged as a 40L, but can easily work for someone who uses regular length coats - please check measurements below.    Basically unworn - only used two short times.    Measurements: Chest - 58 cm / 22.8'' Sleeve - 64 cm / 25.2'' Shoulders - 49 cm / 19.3'' Length - 118 cm / 46.4''   RRP is $1495.   Price includes...
Everyone,   I am forced to sell this incredible and unworn Belvest polo coat due to weight loss. It's really a shame since this kind of garment really isn't easy to come by and was intended to be a lifetime investment for me. Oh well...   The coat is of incredible quality, has handmade pick stitching and details everywhere and is made out of 100% Baby Camel hair. I'll let the pictures do the talking, but just look at that exquisite back!   Size is tagged as IT50R,...
OK, that makes it one for and one against...You don't think it's too long in the sleeves and too big at the waist?
Bump! Help needed! 
[[SPOILER]]    No other takers? Come on guys, share some of your wisdom and knowledge!
Haha, yeah I know. Don't worry - this combo is not leaving the house. Thanks for your input. I think you're probably right...
Belstaff A2 replica (RAF Button blouson). First A2 jacket I've considered buying. What do you guys think of the fit? Too large? What about the jacket itself? I am a complete newbie when it comes to leather jackets in general, and especially A2s so all help is appreciated. Thanks for your help! (cross post from leather jacket picture thread)
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