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LOL! I thought he ment the Skyes that were listed on ebay and that people were talking about.Yes yes, the CJ subs marks are pretty eye catching.
Nope. You could see the marking on the lining in one of the pics. You had too look hard though, which the seller probably intended since he didn't even mention that they were subs in the listing...
 Box is stamped "SUBS" in large red letters, and the lining of the shoe is also stamped "SUB" in red.  
 Not sure if it matters, but they are subs.
 Very nice! Congrats! I couldn't find the LHS in my size, so I finally decided to get the C&J Harvard (unlined) in drak brown cordo.
Wow. There really is a big difference between "Old" and "new" #8. Why has it become so dark??
 Nope, I have the same size in all C&J lasts.Edit: but I might not be the best reference since I have very flat feet (low volume) and use inserts extra insoles in all my shoes and boots.
Same size if you ask me.
Thanks for chiming in. Shoemart is unfortunately located in the US...
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