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Looks fine
Crockett & Jones
 Wut? Can you tell us more on this project? Sounds very interesting... 
EG Ashby (single monk)EG Fulham (double)
Drop 270 -> 220
^^^Ok, here are some more photos. Comments on fit? Reason I am asking is that this version feels a bit smaller and more constricting than my black 5-zip. This could in part be because this version is made out of reverse calf suede, and the black one in lamb... But what do you guys say - too small or just right?  Deets:S/S 14Dark brown suede (reverse calf)Gun metal OPTI zippersMade in Italy Once again, please excuse the crappy cell phone pics...    [[SPOILER]]
Just got this home from Yoox where I snagged it at a really good price (approx $350 after sale and coupon). Dark brown suede, S/S 14. Some day I'll try and post pics from wearing it in the wild.  
Yes, lol indeed. But I can do you one better. In Sweden we pay up to 17% duties (depending on what type of shoe), 25% additional tax and then an admin fee to the Swedish Postal Service of about 10-15 usd. Now how do you like them apples??
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