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You don't like skinny jeans per se, or just this model? I mean, there's a lot slimmer fitting jeans out there...
Passive aggressive again.
 Sure. I've updated the listing above.
Shameless plug: I've just added my pair of Nevis boots to the B&S.   [[SPOILER]]
Relisted here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/527817/edward-green-nevis-chestnut-antique-606-last-uk-9-5e-euc
Gents, I have finally decided to let the beauties go since they don't fit me quite as well as I'd like. The Nevis boot is the most expensive RTW-style that EG offers and it currently retails for about £1200. It is a very rare model that is mostly only available through MTOs. Details Last: 606 Grade: A grade (not subs/seconds) Size: UK 9.5 (US 10) Width: E (standard) Sole: HAF leather sole Colour: Chestnut Antique Welt: Storm welt Please refer to the uploaded pictures...
Zegna is a brand that is considered to be among the top notch manufacturers in Italian tailoring. The brand is known for great fit, construction and materials with a lot of handwork throughout each garment. Here is your chance to get great quality tailoring for a fraction of the original cost. My loss is your gain (literally).    Tagged as a size IT50 (UK 40).   Measurements (approximate)   Chest: 54 cm / 21.3 in Sleeve: 63 cm / 24.8 in Shoulder: 46 cm / 18.1...
Bump and price drop!
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