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Thanks! Its Bordeaux calf, but with some home made mottled burnishing on the toe.
 Well, as I said earlier, these were only samples of both lasts sent to me by Vass so that I could see how the R and K lasts look in real life. They weren't intended to fit me, so I didn't do any thinking on sizing. So I really can't say much about how the different lasts fit since I don't even know what size they are. 
 Maybe its hard to tell from these shots, but the R last is actually really wide and flat across the vamp, which I don't find attractive at all. The toe box however is pretty nice, as its is less voluminous compared to the P2 and F. A slightly narrower version of the R last toe box, put on the F last, would be a real winner IMO.  Well, the R and K lasted shoes were actually sent to me from Vass only so that I could make up my mind on which last to go with for my first...
 Very nice! Was the medallion a "stock" version, or your own design? I guess the LWB is something you ordered as a MTO, as afaik Vass doesn't offer a LWB?
Some comparison shots of the R, K and U lasts. I have also added my EG Galway (82E) and Dover (202D).  Hope this can help someone!   [[SPOILER]]
 Maybe I will, maybe I will.... 
All sold!
 Haha, I am actually leaning towards U again... 
 Thanks. Unfortunately, almost all of Ascot's images are what I would call "bad", since they are always taken at angles and distances that distorts the proportions of the shoe. 
 Strange, I have been getting bounces too when I tried emailing people at EG the last few days. Maybe it has something to do with their new website or change in IT or something?
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