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Alright, a few more shots of the pair posted earlier today. Enjoy! Stitching and pattern are MTO.   [[SPOILER]]
 Well, AFAIK you need to be measured by someone from Vass - you can't order this kind of thing without visiting Vass in person. Or have Vass visit you, of course.
 Bespoke = the maker makes a completely new last based on your personal measurements."Semi-bespoke" = the maker modifies an existing last so that it conforms to your personal measurements. This is why I am saying that it is "my F-last", since it's an F-last that was made for my feet. Maybe you could call this "MTM", but that wouldn't be the whole story...  Not sure what modifications they did, since I am not that well informed about the shoeymaking process in general....
A couple of quick snaps taken from the second outing with my Vass MTOs, made on my bespoke (well, "semi bespoke" to be exact) F-last. More pictures to follow in a few days.
 I would definitely choose accordingly: 1. Sage (most versatile and ages really well - love it)2. Rustic (also very versatile and ages well)3. Navy (versatile but doesn't age so well)4 Olive or "classic" (dull color and ages not as well as the others) Hope this helps!
Yup, the SL is definitely longer than the regular Bedale. Maybe I'll try the size M instead. After all, if I want to layer up and stay nice and warm during real bad weather, I will rather use my Border.
I just picked up an SL Bedale in size L from the AW14 collection. A couple of comments and questions.   I've read in this thread that many seem to have synthetic sleeve linings in their SL Bedales. On this version however the sleeve is lined with the exact same cotton tartan lining as the body - so no more problems with sweaty arms.   Whats a bit disappointing though is that I've noticed a thing with the fit that I am not very happy with. While the fit is great in the...
Actually, I size down to a 38 to make more slim. I normally wear size 40 sport coats and suits, so I guess my regular size in the Beaufort would also be a 40. Sounds more like I might be two sizes up from you then...OK. So if I think that the Ashby in M is just on the verge of being too slim, then an SL Bedale in the same size would be even slimmer and thus too slim? If so then a size 40 (L) might be the best way to go.My intention is to use the SL during spring, early...
Thanks for your input. So, as I understand it, your recommendation would be to go a size up from my Beaufort size, to a 40" (size L) in the SL Bedale?
Hey guys, I am trying to figure out my size in the SL Bedale. Although it was very trim fit on me, I think the Ashby in size M would be the correct size for me. I also wear a size 38 in the Beaufort and Border, but I guess those models don't say much about what size I should go for in the SL Bedale... Thanks for your help! Cheers Edit: just to clarify, I am a bit worried that a size M SL Bedale will be too slim fitting... Or maybe I am wrong?
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