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That's not a problem, I have both the Dover and Nevis in chestnut. They are not interchangeable as models IMO. I will probably use the Nevis during the fall and winter, and the Dover during spring and summer.
Build it and they will come.
 Nice! Are those on the 32 or 202 last by any chance?
Very nice! Do you know what tannery supplied the museum leather?
   Yup, I would say they are medium olive.  You love it, of course! 
Spring is showing herself here in Sweden. Finally. Cheers everyone!    
Kopped the 9.5 Canterburys! Thanks for the heads up!
FYI - Blake stitching:  
 Ahh, nice. I've always loved the way crast leather creases. I wondered why JL has taken so long before making shoes out of it. 
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