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Grattis Shen!
Why is the serial number masked?
That's very orange. I see you left the Yoox-tag (?) on. Haven't decided wether to keep it, eh? 
 Lol. Thanks, I guess.  Good thing it's not the other way around!
Buco J100 (by Aero) in black Vicenza horsehide.        
Drop! 800 --> 700   Geeez guys, grab a bargain!
 Yes, the quilting makes is a warm piece an pretty substantial. However, I am pretty sure that on a custom job, you can choose to get a regular satin lining or something of the like. I agree that the zippers are pretty "hardcore". However, from what I've seen from SLP for instance, large ass zippers are not uncommon in the fashion world either.  PS. Now go ahead and by my suede 5-zip, damned!  
New Posts  All Forums: