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Uhm, no. I think you're confusing this with "the same four or five guys dreaming about GMTOs, never agreeing on GMTOs and obsessively updating each other on where in the world the package containing their latest shoe purchase is located at the moment"-discussion that's been going on in the thread the last months.Yay! Wonderful! How much did they set you back?888 last? Very nice! I thought that the Galway couldn't be done on that last anymore. Or was that before EG changed...
I have the same. Coniston is a great boot IMHO.
I've heard that gemming is actually better than no gemming.
Me like Glencoe. But me no buy it. It pretend shoe. Me no like shoe that pretend. Also, me have Coniston. It very similar.
Me not care. Me like pretend shoe.
 Resist. That kind of light color (acorn) on a high boot isn't very versatile if you ask me...
 Nice! Thanks for that Leaves.
Hehe. Well sometimes you get to learn other stuff than shoe stuff.http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vignetting
New Posts  All Forums: