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Good stuff! Living in the Eu I haven't though about vat reduction and customs. But that sure sounds like a good deal for you outside the Eu.
Maybe not in stock. But US is a pretty big player, so they might easily be able to get larger sizes too if you ask. Also check this link where they apparently seem to take MTO orders:http://www.upper-shoes.com/en/content/60-60-teinture-et-personnalisation
Well, as I said, about ten years old.
 Ah, I see. Thanks for sharing the photo! By the way, I have a pair of doak Dovers that are darker than both of those pairs which are probably about 10 years old. But maybe that batch is part of the old-old-doak then? :) Old doak to the left, old-old doak to the right (Vass R in the middle) Old doak  Old-old doak  Old-old doak again
Yup, I am actually pretty amazed that so few have used Upper Shoes here on SF. If you compare the doak Berkeley for example, it is as much as about 1200 SEK (about $140) cheaper than what Skoab charges. Also, Upper Shoes has a great stock and lots of sizes. And EG boot fans a really in for a treat too - they have lots of great make up of Galway and Epsom. Well, if you like more flashy colors that is.
Guys, I haven't been following this thread as much lately. So please tell me what this old doak vs new doak business is all about. Has EG done something to change it or what?
 "Snug" as in snug around the ball and toe area, or snug around the lacing and foot opening? My guess is that boots to som extent will always feel a bit bigger around the latter parts, since the shaft and the lacing on an RTW boot can't be made as snug as on a regular shoe... But thats just my guess.
Same size for me, mate.
 Thanks for updating us. So, the stock that Nick is selling isn't the same as the G&G leftovers from the sale then?
 Thanks for the update, Nick. Email sent.
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