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 Yes, please do! So I guess you don't think they would be too close to each other? How did you reason when deciding to go for the Harlechs as well?
Thinking about getting the Harlech in dark brown cordovan (cigar?). I already have the C&J for Peal & CO burgundy cordovan cap toe boots and the Skye II boots in dark brown cordovan. Would the Harlechs be redundant? A dumb purchase?? Maybe I am asking the wrong crowd, but I'd still like to hear your thoughts...     
Alden 990s?
So who makes Alden's leather soles? I've been searching around and can't find a straight answer. Some rumors that it might be JR, but hasn't been confirmed.
 Very nice indeed! Congrats. But are you moving away from Alden greatness?? 
Awesome. Half size too small unfortunately...
 Why not just get an Aero Half-belt or Highwayman?
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