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The blue 5 zip?
Hey guys, I am letting go of a few pairs that have mostly just been sitting around.  SOLD! 1. Edward Green Wells, UK 9.5, Dark Oak Antique, 82E last (marked as subs) - £400 Decided to keep these a while longer. 2. Edward Green Dover, UK 9.5, Chestnut Antique, 606E last (marked as subs) - £400 3. Alfred Sargent Ramsey, UK 9 - £300 SOLD! 4. Vass Old English, Bordeaux calf, U last, EU 43 - £250 Offers are welcome! Shipping worldwide is included. Don't hesitate to let...
Argh!! SLP L01 or L17 leather jacket??
Sounds like even a size 52 will be too small for me then?
How do you guys size the current lamb L01? I am 6'1" and 182 lbs (186 cm and 83 kg). Usually I wear a size 50 or 52 sport coat.
Looks like it sold out at last.
Reverse suede is also wearing more warm since the grain side is still there. I guess it's like comparing calf to lamb leather.
Really? Strange. What didn't you like about it? Maybe there are differences between seasons, like the SLP Leathers and mmm 5 zips...
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/SuedeSuede is more difficult to judge than smooth leather. I can't really say what to look for. Only experience can tell imo.
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