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In general I agree. But it also depends on the type of the jacket. My 5 zip hits below the belt line (and then some), but that's also how I've seen it fit on most people.
I actually have a Chapman Racer in size 48 that I am thinking of letting go... What size are you looking for NN?
Grailed is a website, just google it. Anyway, I think you should read up on the this thread a bit - that's probably the best thing you can do to learn the basics of what people here tend to like in leather jackets. As many have already pointed out, the jackets you have posted are not what most people in here are after, so you won't get much help when it comes to them I am afraid.
Couldn't Falcon just put in hidden snaps at the back of the lapels?
Is that your closet? Wow. I am jelly.
I've had Vass do the same with my shoes (but with rubber toe taps instead) and I can only recommend it as well!
Any pics of those pearl grey St James in the wild, actually worn with clothes, yet? I am curious to see how the color turned out in real life... Tia!
Uhm, thanks for the advice.
 Definitely for shoes. No question about it.
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