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 Nice. Thanks for posting. I guess eBay and B&S will be swamped with highly marked up subs in the coming weeks...
Ok, here are some (hopefully) better pics of my latest Luxire shirts:  Blue Micro-Gingham Linen and Blue Dress Stripes Seersucker.                      
 Even though I am mostly a lurker in this thread, I think I can speak for everyone and say that you absolutely will. 
 Excuse me for being a bit late to the party, but this post just had to be quoted in full for true greatness. Well played, Crusty, this is probably one of the best replies I've read on SF in a long time. Maybe ever.  Oh, and by the way, 40 thumbs and counting! 
 Well, I think its very rough and feels a lot like unwashed raw denim. The weight and texture makes it more of a fall/winter pant for me. It has a nice drape though, because of the weight.   Nah, you guys seem to be so deeply involved already that I wouldn't want to put a monkey wrench in anywhere.
Couple of (pretty bad) pics from my last order: Chocolate Duck Canvas pants and Brembana Seersucker shirt. Thanks Luxire! Edit: of course, feedback, negative or positive, is as usual always welcome.
 AFAIK the FS will not be open until the end of August.
 Very nice! Congrats on a great purchase! Deets on the U last boot please.
 Well said. I have the Westminster in doak/888 and the William in Meleze Buffalo Calf and they are very different indeed. Whereas the Westminster could easily be worn with suits, the William should not, and while the William is great with denim and chinos, the Westminster isn't as much. IMHO, of course.
 No - wtf!?
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