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 Ok, I see. So what you're saying is, anyway when it comes to the dark blue ones, that I should either get longer ones that stack more or have them hemmed shorter? Any pointers on the light pair?
 Ok. What's wrong with them you think?
 Thanks. Awkward how, do you mean? Too short?
Hey everyone,   I've spent most of my time on SF in MC, but lately I've been more and more interested in what you guys are doing over here. I'd like to up my SW&D game, so all your help is most welcome.   Here a couple of basic fits from recent days. Let me know what you think. Cheers!   (Photo quality is rather poor, I know. I hope that the pics can still be of some use).    
       Thanks everyone for the comments and thumbs up! 
I agree, it does look weird in those pics. I think the reason is that I am lifting the other arm to take the photo, which shifts the jacket over to the other side. Also, I have a dropped shoulder on that side, and sizing down wouldn't take care of that unfortunately... Anyway, the shoulder doesn't look like that when I use the jacket.
If you want EG trees specifically: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/edward-green/products/edward-green-shoe-trees
I have the Wells on the 82 (search this thread for a lot of pics that I posted of them when brand new). Looking at the other images on Farfetch, specially from the side, I would say that those are also made on the 82 last.
Really? Thanks for chiming in, mate!
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