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So, the wadding in one of my DRs is freaking hot as hell (it's some kind of incredible synthetic material that is seriously insulating). Is there anyway easy way to get rid of it without destroying the fit of the jacket?    Thx.
@andrel42 did Vass do the burnishing themselves by the way? I must say that they've really done a good job on your boots. Any idea how they've done it? Is it just by use of regular cream and/or polish? Or is it done in a more "permanent" way?
[[SPOILER]]  Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing and congrats again! 
 Do you visit the Factory shop often? Does the stock sell out quickly?
[[SPOILER]]  Very nice indeed! Congrats! Deets? Are those in antique cognac? K last? In other news. The guys at Ascot really do suck at taking pictures of shoes. How hard is it to take a picture where the proportions aren't distorted by the lens and/or the position of the shoe?? I mean, just take the pics straight from the side, above, front and behind ffs.
So. Much. Info.  
Yup, F-last.
Are the zippers on the pockets rear, front or mid facing? Ok, last troll post for me. Sorry.
Very nice!
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