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The picture of the Plain-toe Boots in brown leather looks much better (to me at least) as shown on their Instagram.
Sorry, don't want to scare or mislead anyone. I was trying to differentiate between the MTO normal process with a fee, and the "SF MTO special" but didn't do a very good job in stating it clearly. Thanks.
Given the Paul's posting on why they shut down the MTO special I get that it's not a real option, but after seeing some of the creations from MTO thread I have wondered if we would be seeing any of those models make into a formal offerings, even if its a web gem special. I know there are a couple that I would buy and like many on here i don't "need" any more shoes. Heck make a contest for submissions and the 2 or 3 options that are chosen could be featured one month to...
Bel Air, Strand, Evanston, and Drydon. The first three are walnut and the Drydon was listed as Brandy.
Thanks for posting your first hand experience. I was seriously considering that shoe in spite of just buying a pair of Eagle County boots. Looks like I can keep my promise about being good a little longer.
 I just ordered the Eagle County a week ago, in part because they are eligible for recrafting, and I am thinking about the Caron City in Black Distressed Leather for the same reason - I can recraft to a black rubber sole when the time comes.
100% agree. Could be simple enough to tie your personal pics to your user profile and then make those pics available in a specific customer section.
Agreed. At the very least I would try out the next width before committing to those.
Thanks guys - when looking online I have only been able to find 9.5D and 10 D so my concern as a half size and EEE is that I would have to be in the 10D range in order for the shoes to have a shot at working for me.   Since I own the AE Bel Air in walnut I have been leaning to the Sanderson in brown to fill a hole in my current line up, but I am not opposed to the tan if they are great shoes. 
Can any of the owners of the RL Sanderson comment on how you like the shoe and how they they tend to run? As a 9.5EEE in the middle of nowhere you guys are  great resource while at the same time a horrible influence.   Also if anyone has the old AE Bel Air I would love to hear a comparison on the two as well.
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