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A question about your denim: the options are the same as they are for the chino-shaped pants: on-seam pockets, rear pockets with/without flaps and buttons. Is the idea to make chino's in denim or is the interface just not adjusted yet ant should we use the commentbox?
The pants I ordered recently were, apart from measuring errors, very good so I'm looking for something new to order. Unfortunately the pants section doesn't have a sorting feature like the shirt section has. Could you add that so fabrics are easier to find? In the meantime I've found this fabric and I'm having trouble determining the exact color: it seems to  be a bit off white, however it's hard to judge by the picture. Could you post a better picture and elaborate on...
Like itraxx' post, mine was inserted a few pages back after being checked. Could you tell me if you expect to find such a fabric?
I'm looking for a shirt in a fabric similar to these, but you don't seem to sell a pink twill like that: Is there any way you could offer something like these in the near future? Thanks in advance!
I just got my first shirt in and it's great. Apart from the fact that the sleeves are too long (which I caused myself by adding too much to the measured length after receiving a MTM-shirt with sleeves that were too short once), the fit is just great. The Warzone White Twill seems like it could really survive a war and the shirt feels really well made. Fit pictures will come once I've had the sleeves adjusted to the proper length.
Is it possible to get the same shipping arrangement for the Netherlands as the one you have for the UK: free shipping above $100, as the two countries aren't that far apart.
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