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done dude and kali lol i have the exact same pair of boots in ur avatar? wut brand r urs?
Hey hows everyone? Just recently turned 18 and got my first apartment + Ill be moving to singapore. I usually never buy my own clothes cuz my dad usually get's em for me(hey i dont mind, i like his style lol), so sadly I have really zero shopping experience. I am currently in dire need of help shopping for a decent men's bag. Ill be using this bag probably everyday for a month or 2 when i move into my new apartment until i get a job. My current budget is around 400 usd and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 Well, if you hate the "Smooth player" (whatever that is) look, you're gonna hate today's installment dudes got style....
no i just throw em in the laundry. cant be bothered with dry cleaners i really just dont give a rats ass about keeping em in good condition. When they arent wearable anymore, i just go buy more
dude so u wash em once a yr.. ok i have something to clear up with alot of people here I own plenty of high end denim but i always wash em everytime i wear em. is that bad or something like seriously, i think its disgusting people wear the same thing again without washing them. Yes they will fade but isnt that the process?
yea i was looking at that dibora site...but ill probably just ending up getting from the offical site or wait til i go back to japan january 12th...
Quote: Originally Posted by BrettChaotix Sure, Ferrari and Lambourgini shout "exclusive" .... for most of the owners they also seem to shout "douchebag" and "overcompensating" for a percentage of the guys that own them anyway. As LA Guy pointed out, RMC are not top of the line and as you pointed out, you are not buying them for quality. There are other brands that have the same level of exclusivity if not more - like Paul Smith Red Ear Japan for...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel WTF??? Sounds like a genital condition lmao
yes i was born nakagyo-ku but i am in usa now
guys plz dont argue, im just looking for this ring dats all. Ok ill check out the areas u told me. and yes i know the offical site is legit but i just really want to feel it and check it out b4 i get it
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