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. Got this suit today, jacket fits shoulders well but the mid section could do with a few inches off. Anyone have experience slimming a DB jacket? Makes me look wider than I am.Also I got the mercer alpaca grey with white stripes, anyone have thoughts. I like it but does look old fashioned. Not a big fan of the waistcoat.
link for the NL outlet?
How did the few do? I made it through, happy days.
Still in!
Hey all, Still looking to buy my first Hober. Have chatted with them but struggle with picking demensions. I'll need 63" long tie, want Grenadines first. Shouldi go 3.5 width or should've I jump to 3.75? Also what fold, I usually just do a basic knot.
Still on track for my best no purchase club performance! Suit supply brought out a nice sienna blue check suit, may try for a npc November then treat myself in December.
In my experience the collars become rubbish after a few washes. slim fit is bulky and I'm not super skinny. I'd rather buy 1 eton shirt then 4 tm shirts.
Still no spending here.
Hmm what happens when AA meetings occur when the coach is gone? Feels like this thread now haha
Thanks, another day done no spending.Not a big dresser for Halloween, suit supply's big gangster pinstripe suits would look well though
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