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  I think this is what I am looking for.  But, I am rather inexperienced when it comes to shopping for suits (which apparently is a horrible crime around here, in spite of the fact that I am trying to learn). So, even if I found all of these things, I am not sure I would recognize these qualities.  Can you suggest any lines/brands/styles that I may be able to find locally to try them on and get a feel these features, and possibly purchase to add to my wardrobe?   Thank...
I made a trip to try some jackets on at Express and they had the same problem, when I try to move they bind just below the shoulders.   As for the higher armholes, are there any off the peg suits that have that feature, even if I decide to try MTM, I would like to try it to make sure what I request actually is what I want.   Thanks for the help, any other ideas are appreciated.
  I understand that, mainly, I just would like to be able to go out dancing without having to take off my jacket when I dance.  The point is, I want to know what I should look for in a suit that will allow me to look good and move, at the same time.
I've browsed the forums a few times, but what finally made me sign up was the Skyfall trailer ( , for those who have not seen it).   I recently started wearing suits more, and though I love the way I look, every one I wear has the same problem.  The shoulders are binding.   All of my suits are traditional, American cuts (the brands are Men's Warehouse, Jones New York, and Joseph A. Bank), altered to fit my body.  I think...
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