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Thank you VegTan for shedding light about vintage Hanovers, I am happy with the purchase and history.
Hello members need your expert insights, I recently purchased Hanover L B Sheppard Shell LWBs from eBay, they are gorgeous pair of shoes and have full leather heels with v-cleats. Which I have not seen on Hanover shells, I have 3 Hanover shells and they all have rubber heels. Help me to find the age of these
Thank you SMFDOC sent you a PM, I am keen to know the timeframe of Hanovers..
ebay purchase, Hanover Shell Cordovan LWB's. Can someone help me date these shoes. Pictures along with my Florsheim Imperials.   Florsheim Imperial LWB   Hanover LB Sheppard LWB           Like the sole on these Hanover's (V Cleat sole)      
@ Juan Manuel, Florsheims are stunning with a mesmerising design, thing i liked about is their solid construction and the color variation of the shell used on these shoes which are probably 36 years old (not sure though), with just a moist cloth cleaning and brushing they took a very good shine. The double line stitching is very close and fine which I have not observed in AE or in my Hanovers. Fit wise they are very comfortable and provides the right support, I wear 12C on...
Cambridge's are Whiskey, they are ageing well and becoming more darker shade
AE Leeds, Seems to be getting better and better in the last 2.5 yrs     In the background Meermin Shell LWB and Hanover Shell LWB    
AE Cambridge Shells, Just amazed with the color variations and depth        
My New Florsheim Imperials     
Updates on my shell LWBs after 6 months of far so good, only maintenance is brush brush brush and I applied Saphir to feed the shell twice.
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