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Went in 2 days ago for 2 MTM's... 15% off for the 2 MTM's and 15% off after that with the card.
Alright. Had some issues with sizes for certain styles/color combos, but here is what I ended up getting....   Black McCallisters, Merlot PA's, Walnut Strands.    Thanks for the help, everyone!
I think I'm just in love with the walnut strands, so I'm getting them regardless haha.   Ok, think I've settled on those, black pa's and a pair of brown 5th aves. I think that should be ok for a 'starter' set.    light charcoal sounds like an oxymoron, don't know where I came up with that at. I just mean that it's a lighter shade than the other charcoal I have,
I wear a suit 2-3 days out of the week and trousers/dress shirt the rest of the week. I'm moving up from the cheap shoes I wore in the past. I've decided on Allen Edmonds and would like to get 2 pairs to start, but would be open to 3 if I absolutely have to. First off, most of my suits are dark shades. Dark charcoal, light charcoal, medium gray and navy (no browns yet, but I do have several shades of tan/brown trousers) I'm in love with the Walnut Strands... so I think...
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