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Is MTM ever included on any of the promotions (F&F, corp, loyalty card)?
Try the brooks Fitzgerald - fit will be closer to the James/sharp boss suit you tried on. Has a much nicer cut than regent. SS can be pretty trim fitting and can be hard to get a good fit when ordering online for the first time.
Top photo looks ok to me, bottom photo maybe 1/4" too short, maybe the watch you're wearing affected the drape?
VERY solid suggestion here. Claghorn pretty much hit the nail on the head, although there is some room for tweaking for personal preference. I just went through this process myself, and here are the necessities I came away with for wearing suits 4 days a week + casual friday: -Solid navy and solid charcoal suit from Brooks Brothers (~$1200 when on sale)-Navy Blazer from Brooks Brothers (~$500 when on sale)-Medium grey dress trousers from Brooks Brothers (~$150 when on...
Just picked up two staple navy and charcoal suits during the last corporate sale... Is there any way to pick up an extra pair of trousers for each suit? (Fitzgerald fit, just the basic navy and charcoal fabric)
PSA guys - I have an AE gift card worth a significant chunk of change I'm looking to unload. I was hoping to MTO some shell shoes, but things come up and I'd rather liquidate the card. I'd be willing to move it for 5-10% off to a loyal AE follower on this thread. Please PM for details.   MODS - please delete if against rules (although I feel like I've seen people advertise their classifieds in this thread before).
Oh nice, I just assumed the 60 off was for seasonal stuff, good to know it goes for basics too. Which I guess brings up the question again, when is the best time to buy basic navy and suits? Corporate sale or spring sale?
This is awesome
Just looking for staple navy and grey suits, which I don't think would get marked to 60% off during spring sale (although correct me if I'm wrong). If I just walk into a BB retail store will they give me the discount or is this something that needs to be verified?
I need to buy two new suits as a part of the two for $1699 deal. Is the corporate sale + opening BB card the best price I'll get? Is there ever a 40% off promotion?
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